Allergy season causing Allergy Fatigue?

Allergies are painful and affect most of us. It can be as simple as itching or constant sneezing but can also be much more. I have first hand experienced a new set of allergies after moving to the south. A constant need to have eyedrops and tissue paper nearby and always having to explain why I am teary. We all hate allergy season and that’s not all.

Not only can allergies cause these symptoms that we can see, it can also make us tired. Allergy fatigue is a real thing that many people are unaware or ignore it. I have seen people go from super productive to sleepy and tired due to these allergies. It’s time to find out why you are tired and if it’s indeed the symptoms of allergy fatigue.

What is Allergy Fatigue?

This is a symptom that some people experience, especially those with a known history of allergies. It can affect the mood and energy level almost immediately. Not only can it affect you for immediately, it can drain your energy for consecutive days.

Allergy fatigue is hidden as other symptoms such as nasal congestion or itchiness take over. It’s critical to understand what this is and be able to tell from the symptoms. From there you can take steps to treat it and get rid of this annoyance.

How can you tell your fatigue is due to allergies?

One of the most critical steps of this is to correctly diagnose yourself. We recommend you verify these findings with your doctor to make sure. Fatigue is also a symptom in other issues such as UTI or hypertension, so it’s crucial the symptoms are consistent.

Fatigued symptoms includes drowsiness, so if you feel yourself extra tired or sleepy then it checks off one potential aspect. In addition, you will need to correlate this with your other allergies. Do you have the same itchiness or teary eyes as you would when you get allergies? If these match, there’s a good chance that you also suffer from allergy fatigue.

woman with an allergy blowing nose

woman with an allergy blowing nose

What can you do to help?

The easiest way is to continue with the treatment that you are given when you have allergies. For many of us who suffer from allergy fatigue, simply getting on a generic allergy medicine treats the symptom. This should be the same case for others who also suffer the same tiredness during Spring season.

If at any time the medication doesn’t work as expected, be aware that it could be another issue. In that scenario our best suggestion would be to go to a medical professional who can help better assist.

Need more than allergy medicine?

Sometimes the symptoms are so severe that you need more than just antihistamines. I have heard of this affecting some individuals to the point where they need to take the day off. Other treatments for allergies include shots, immunotherapy, which is used in severe cases.

There’s also benefits in simply going to the local clinic and figuring out what specifically could be causing your allergies. This will include a detailed history and series of test to determine if your allergies are triggered by pollen, dust, insects, or something else. With this knowledge, you can plan around certain things to lower the severity.


We all can be affected by nature at a higher degree than what we expect. Don’t let allergy fatigue or any symptoms of allergies affect your day-to-day life. Take control, and find out how you can better help yourself.

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