Modern Meditation Practices for a Balanced Life

Modern life does not lack challenges, joy and sorrow. However, the way in which we let these affect us every day depends on our own thoughts. Living a balanced life in which you offer your body and mind everything they need to function is the key. You cannot feel grateful to be alive if you do not accomplish your life goals. For this to be possible, you need to make sure that your body and mind work together to ensure that lovely living experience you need.

The same way your body needs exercise to remain healthy and boosting with energy, the mind needs meditation practices that keep it in perfect balance with the body. Everything you do depends on your body and mind so it is essential to keep these two. Modern meditation practices can help you achieve this every day thus allow you to become the creator of your own valuable living experience.

Let’s discover some of the most effective meditation practices that can become strong allies for healthy living.


Why meditate?

Focused Attention Meditation for a Balanced Life

Everything in life can be achieved when you are properly focused on the broader perspective without losing yourself in details. Such achievements can be obtained by teaching your mind to guide you towards what you want through focused attention meditation. This is the most popular technique among modern meditation practices that help people across the globe achieve inner peace and success.

An easy way to start is to focus on your breath or your body parts. Feel the sensation of breathing or the tenseness in your body.

You can choose a single object for this technique and start practicing your focused attention right now. When you see or feel something, either internally or externally, you recognize those things for what they are. However, focused attention meditation teaches you the value of nonreactive monitoring of any type of content you attract into your experience. Similar techniques in this category are Vipassana, mindfulness meditation and Taoist meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation for Raising Awareness

Another great example from the category of modern meditation practices is mindfulness meditation. Its main purpose is that of helping you increase awareness without focusing on details and by letting you mind be free. You can engage in this practice by observing wandering thoughts as they shift through your mind. It’s great to do when you have some time in a quiet space. I usually love going into my guest room and meditating there.



The main intention in the case of mindfulness meditation is that of learning to not get involved in the thoughts that cross your mind. Do not focus on them, do not judge them or try to make decisions during meditation. Your only goal is that of being aware of each mental note as it appears. If you feel your mind wandering elsewhere, catch it, and slowly bring it back. Don’t be aggravated that you wandered off, as that’s our mind working. However, make sure to gently focus back on your wandering.

Endless Meditation Practices that Can Change Your Life

mindfullness and meditation

mindfullness and meditation

Over time, you will notice that your thoughts as well as your feelings tend to move in specific ways or patterns. It might take you a while to become aware of this but once you reach that state, your meditation practices will become more and more effective. Over time, you will discover that you no longer feel the need to judge your thoughts or feelings. It’s a process where you realize the thoughts you are having and how they affect you. Your inner balance will develop this way and your life will start improving and offering you the results you need.


Finally, there are endless meditation practices you can consider to help you change your life forever. Focusing on a daily cultivation of compassion or moving meditation techniques can become great assets for a balanced life. The walking meditation can also help you become more aware of things that matter and things you should simply let go. Meditation teaches you to value yourself and others and find ways in which to make your life experience worth living.



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