Let Spring Come to Your Life with Creative DIY Garden Planters

In case you have not had time to think about this yet, we are here to let you know that spring is almost here. This means that it is almost time for you to restart your life in the garden. After long hours in the office or on the road solving problems, you might want to come back home and engage in DIY projects. These do not only help you relax but are also effective when it comes to developing a customized personal space. Therefore, today we will consider the most creative DIY garden planters that will prove their effectiveness in your new projects.

DIY Planters from the Archive

We could not have started our presentation without thinking about those creative DIY garden planters in your archive. Floppy disk planters have been used for a long time with the purpose of reusing old technology. The good news is that you can still use them purposefully and have fun with your new projects.

Floppy Disk Plants

Floppy Disk Plants

If we are considering the archive as inspiration now, book planters also make up a great option. You can use them in various ways and this way you will know that you have not saved all those text books from school for nothing. Moreover, combine these with attractive painted pots that you can hang on your fence. You can do this by purchasing a simple bunch of potted plants and painting them. Hanging them on your fence will bring freshness and color to the overall garden atmosphere.

In addition, those who have some switch plates just laying around should know that they can also use those for their garden DIY projects. For example, you can easily count on switch plate painters that give a hacker look to your personal outdoor heaven.

Be creative with your DIY garden projects

There is no better time than spring to be creative! Either indoors or outdoors, in your beautiful garden, it is time for your plants to get back to life. These are the symbol of life after all and DIY garden planters can become your newly discovered passion. For example, have you ever considered using painted tire planters? There is no end to the amount of color you can add to your garden this way!

Those who wish to combine the joyfulness of colorful spaces with effective tips for the garden, we have more secrets to reveal. Colander planters come as a perfect choice in this situation. Colanders are effective because they allow the garden plants to drain and breathe at the same time.

Moreover, you can also add a sense of antiqueness in your outdoor open space by using aged terra cotta pots. These bring the good side of moss, dirt and spray paint stone to life. Finally, they will help you create your own historical place in the garden and feel like a DIY garden master.

Modern Planters for your Beautiful Garden

Apart from the antique look, any garden also needs a modern finish. You can achieve this by using modern paver planters such as readymade stones for the path which can be turned into DIY garden planters easily. These might also be the perfect way in which you get to enrich the curb appeal of your home.

DIY Paver Planter Box. Great do-it-yourself planter box to display seasonal flowers! Tutorial at www.livelaughrowe.com #DIHWorkshop #sp

A few pavers and patience represent all the things you need for this DIY project. Once 24 hours have passed and everything has been properly cured you can move your planters into their new place. Then start filling them with greenery and dirt and you have your little piece of garden heaven there at your disposal.

This is how creative DIY gardeners manage to arrange the landscaping around their house. You can do it too. Do not forget to have fun creating magic!


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