Train Your Mind Using the Latest Meditation Methods

Nowadays, our life is filled with challenges, stress and a wide range of requirements and tasks that need to be accomplished. Among the daily routines that come from our professional life, training our mind is a must. Meditation is the approach that has proven to be most effective in relieving stress and rebalancing our mind and body. There are numerous modern meditation methods that you can use for this intended purpose.

Moreover, the same way fitness helps you train our body; meditation helps you train your mind. Perfect balance between these two is a must for those who wish to live a purposeful, healthy life. With the wide range of techniques at your disposal, you may feel overwhelmed sometimes. You might find yourself asking where to begin or how to improve your current techniques. Therefore, today we will focus on the ones that have proven to be most effective for you to have a starting point. Discover these below!

Concentration Meditation for Refocusing Your Awareness

One of the basic yet challenging meditation methods known these days is concentration meditation. What does this technique involve? Well, basically focusing on a single point of attraction. This will entail following your breath as well as repeating a valuable mantra or word during this process. You can start by simply staring at a candle flame or listening to a repetitive song. This will help you learn to focus the mind on what you want rather than let it focus on worries and concerns that are part of your life.

What is the main purpose of this technique? That would be refocusing your awareness in your object of attention so that your mind might stop wandering. You should not pursue random thoughts during this process but rather focus on your point of interest and simply let your thoughts go. Your concentration will improve this way. Moreover, do not be discouraged if you only manage to do this for a few minutes in the beginning. Improvement comes with practice!

Mindfulness Meditation for Raising Awareness of Your Mental Notes

Meditation Methods HandsThousands of thoughts pass through your mind every minute. The role of meditation is not that of stopping those from passing but focusing on something specific to let them go unnoticed. This is how you manage to bring calm back into your life and rebalance your mind and body in an effective manner.

Another useful example from the wide range of meditation methods available to you is mindfulness meditation. This technique encourages you to observe your wandering thoughts as they shift and drift through your mind. Your goal is not that of getting involved with your thoughts or start pondering on them but simply being aware of your mental notes as they arise.

Over time, with practice and proper concentration, you will manage to become aware of the way in which your feelings and thoughts move by following specific patterns. You will learn to stop yourself from judging these immediately as your inner balance develops.

Other Effective Meditation Techniques to Consider

Relaxation may not always be perceived as the main goal of all the meditation methods that exist but it is one of their results. Other effective technique you can consider is daily meditation for the cultivation of compassion, moving meditation techniques as well as walking meditation.

Why should you meditate? Because there are endless benefits that come from raising your awareness and calming your mind. Such benefits include lowering the blood pressure, improving its circulation, lowering your heart rate, slowing your respiratory rate, feeling well more often, relaxing deeply and relieving stress from your life.

Not only does meditation benefit you in terms of health and stress, but has shown support for your mental well being. These include depression, anxiety and insomnia. Simply being aware and practicing awareness through meditation shows incredible benefits. You can find out more at the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

meditating method in the open

meditating method in the open

How to start Meditating? 

The hardest part is getting started with meditation and then being consistent. Most of the time we get bored or just want to be productive. Go into each mediation session thinking about how relaxing it will be and envision you meditating for the whole time. A good start is about 10 minutes each day, morning or night. Simply set a timer on your phone and simply settle into your breath.

There’s also mobile apps that add a guided meditation session and a soothing background noise. One that I use religiously is, Calm, you can download it here.


Let us know what your routine is and how meditation methods like this is helping you. We love to hear what works and doesn’t and continue providing excellent feedback to our community!

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