4 Best Foods for Breakfast Diets

We all know the most important meal of the day is breakfast, but blindly picking things out of the fridge to eat during breakfast isn’t all that healthy either. Along with the motivation to have breakfast each day, you need the right nutrients to start your day. Simply stuffing yourself with starches and sugars is only going to drag you more than it’s going to be beneficial. Here’s the 5 best foods for breakfast diets. This way you can get the benefits of eating in the morning and making it align with your heath goals as well.

Why breakfast?

You might be curious and wonder why there’s such a saying that breakfast is the most important meal. You may ask, “aren’t  all meals important”? My answer to this is that, yes, yes all meals are definitely just as important. However, eating in the morning provides that additional spark to your day that you don’t quite get in the afternoon or night. Although fasting in the morning may seem like a reduction in calories, it actually sets you up for failure during the day. Having breakfast allows you to concentrate and focus better, while curbing your hungers throughout the day. Think of it as your body thanking you for feeding it right it gets up, instead of craving for food throughout the day. Fasting for a longer time also creates an internal stimulus, your body believes that it needs to store fat due to the fact that you aren’t eating. To combat this, all you need to do is…well the one thing that allows you to survive. EAT.

Best Foods for Breakfasts


Eggs Breakfast dietWe see eggs everywhere and used in basically any dish. It’s not only versatile, but also healthy and delicious. Eating eggs for breakfast does the opposite of telling your body to crave for food. Instead it increases the feeling of fullness that we get, and maintains the blood sugar levels within our body. The most important part of egg is the low fat, high protein calories that you get. This is considerably better than eating just toast or a bagel. Over the course of a day, having egg in the morning causes people to eat less during the day. This is according to a study done and published in the national institute of health.

To add to this healthy choice is the flexibility in what you can make with eggs. We can start with the basics of scrambled, over easy and boiled. Then it can get complicated and tastier with deviled eggs, french toast and more. You can always find a way to add eggs into your diet.



Greek Yogurt

Yogurt has always been a great addition to any breakfast. It’s proven to have high quantities of protein as well as low fat. Not only does protein help maintain your muscle mass, but it’s also great to enhance your immune system. It’s one of the three nutrients that provide you with energy.

Not only does yogurt have the nutritious properties that you would expect and want in a breakfast food, it also contains probiotics. These are healthy bacteria that lives within your body. They help you digestive and immune system function the way they do. There’s also evidence that these bacteria can affect mood and emotions, this is referenced in a study here.

Greek yogurt can be used in a variety of ways as well. It has a whip cream consistency and can be mixed with fruit and nuts. Many fitness professionals also mix yogurt into their morning smoothies. It’s a great replacement to a breakfast diet filled with carbs.



Oatmeal as Breakfast Diet

Oatmeal as Breakfast Diet

Oatmeal is incredible and few people consume the amount of oats that they should. Many cereal brands and bars contain a mixture of oats. The reason behind that is the high content of complex carbohydrates and fiber. This allows for your body to easily digest the food and also stabilizes blood-glucose levels.

We all have had oatmeals before, it could be in the form of a bar, oatmeal porridge or cookie. Other than the cookie, any of the other two would be acceptable breakfast foods. It can also be mixed with Greek Yogurt to create a crunchy delicious yogurt and oats parfait.


Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese health

Cottage cheese health

Most people aren’t familiar with cottage cheese…but may have heard bad things. I want you to throw all those negative thoughts out. Instead think about this as another opportunity for you to add another food for your breakfast diet.

Cottage cheese can be eaten by itself or with a mixture of fruit and sugar. You can also add this to toast and also mixed with brown sugar and granola. The great thing about cottage cheese is the large amount of casein protein, which is a kind of long lasting protein. On top of this, it’s low in fat and sugar.


These are four staple foods for the breakfast diet. Eating breakfast is amazing for your body and can help you throughout the rest of your day. Why not give it a shot and let us know what you find? While you’re here, let us know if you personally like any specific food for breakfast that has helped you!

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