5 Vitamins for Clear Skin – Get Amazing Skin Today!

Our skins are constantly hit with the exposure to the outside environment, getting dry, oxidizing and more. This causes our skin to age, spot, and develop acne. To get and maintain a clear skin, we need to nourish and keep it healthy. Skincare relies on 5 key vitamins that are outline below, which can help towards the path of clearer skin.

5 Vitamins for Clear Skin


Zinc isn’t the one vitamins that clears acne and grants people the flawless skin that they want. However, it does turn out that zinc-deficient skin can lead to horrible breakouts and general skin issues. The reasoning is that Zinc is essentially for gene expression and replication of skin cells. This makes it crucial for a clear skin.

Vitamin Zinc

Vitamin Zinc

Some ways to spot Zinc Deficiency

  • White spots on your fingernails
  • Dry Skin
  • Acne
  • Frequent Colds
  • Hair Loss

Over 30% of the world is deficient in Zinc, and you may be as well. It’s always good to double check and make sure. You can take supplements to increase this vitamin inside your body, but can also look into eating while foods. Foods such as crab, fish, lamb and seeds all contain a good amount of zinc. Generally a healthy diet of red meats and seafood should contain enough zinc for healthy skin.

Vitamin B

These vitamins has been consistently on the news where the fashion and beauty world has been including it in just about everything. Vitamin B can help prevent aging, increase skin health, and reduce acne. Nicotinamide, which comes from B3 vitamins, has been shown to retain moisture within the epidermis. This is the upper layer of skin that takes the brunt of wind and dusts, leading to dry skin and acne. Keeping the moisture in this layer leads to smoother skin and reduction of fine lines.

Similar to Zinc, some people may not be getting enough vitamin B. Specifically Vitamin B12 is needed to regulate your skin’s production of pigment. Without this, there’s a chance your skin can darken in certain places, creating a spotting effect.

A study in 2003 shows that a form of vitamin B can dramatically reduce the aging effects on our skin. That’s awesome! It also means you need to start adding this to your diet.

To maintain a healthy vitamin B intake, fish is your friend, with Salmon, tuna and cod containing a high amount. If you don’t like fish than you can look into consuming more eggs and vegetables such as avocados, spinaches and potatoes.

Vitamin C

We know that Vitamin C is essentially in helping our immune system fight back against the common cold, but we shouldn’t underestimate other benefits. A study gathered women between ages of 16-22 and measured vitamin C ratio to acne. Acne patients had 40% less vitamin C in their blood streams compared to patients with clear skin.

This vitamin is Water soluble, meaning that even if you take large amounts, it will usually come our when you go to the bathroom. Specifically vitamin C in the epidermis protects against the barrage of UV rays from the sun. These rays can lead to inflammation and develop acne as well as spotting on your skin.

Vitamin C for Clear Skin

Vitamin C for Clear Skin

Vitamin C is easily attainable, and is in most fruits. Simply having a glass of orange juice a day would give you more than the necessary vitamins for the day.

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Vitamin D

Also known as the “sunshing” vitamin, Vitamin D is great for healing your skin and preventing pimples from showing. Many people are actually not getting enough Vitamin D as one of the main ways to naturally get it is being out in the sun more.

This vitamin has been known to reduce wrinkles while giving the skin strong glow. It also helps reduce inflammation, which comes into play with acne.

It’s recommended to spend 10-15 minutes outside, when there’s sun, to get enough vitamin for the day. This is the healthiest way to get vitamin D. You may also get it through supplements such as pills or when it’s mixed with common food items like Milk.

Not only is Vitamin D great for skin care, but it will also boost your immune system and reduce stress. Get some supplements today or start integrating this amazing vitamin into your diet.

Vitamin E

The E vitamin is at the end of this list due the caution people have around using the oil. Although many people have praised the use vitamin E for skin care and immune system health, there’s some concern on how heavy the vitamin is. If used too often, it can lead to some unwanted side effects.

Vitamin E Skin Care

Vitamin E Skin Care

The best time to use vitamin E oils is at night, right before going to sleep. This allows for two things to happen, one is that our skins are usually the cleanest after a shower and washing up. Second is that sleeping with the oil on gives you the maximum benefit.

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These are only 5 vitamins for clear skin, you may have more, and if you know of any, please share it with us! We love to get some feedback on how well these vitamins for clean skin works!

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