Impress ANY man – 5 Evergreen Ideas for Anniversary Gifts for Men

Buying gifts for men can be pretty tricky sometimes. You surely don’t want to get a present for a person you care about, which they would throw away later. In most cases, the gift ideas you see online are either cheesy or lack creativity. In order for a present to be memorable, it needs to be original, but also to have a personal touch. Another thing that people keep forgetting when buying presents is that the gifts need to be useful – otherwise they’ll end up in the pantry.With all of this in mind, we decided to provide you with ideas for gifts that he could actually use. Get one of these 5 anniversary gifts for men and he will never forget it!

5 Evergreen Ideas for Anniversary Gifts for Men

Wrist Watch

This is a risk free option as everyone likes to sport a fancy wrist watch. It’s a kind of jewelry, but unlike chains and bracelets, it has its own purpose – showing the right time. When it comes to watches, you simply can’t go wrong. Even if you don’t buy the most expensive in the store, it will still have quite a lot of emotional value. 

A good idea perhaps is to get a vintage case body and combine it with a modern strap. You can find some really interesting watches on eBay, some of which are more than a century old, but still working flawlessly. If your man is a history buff, you might want to think about getting him a vintage WWII army watch!

Most watches also come with integrated smart technology. Smart watches usually have features such as GPS, Heartbeat Sensors, and more. This will be perfect for those who has a geeky side to them.

Couple’s Key Chain

This seems as an ideal gift for the wedding anniversary. Everyone needs a key chain and if you make it personal, your husband will wear it with pride. Our suggestion is to get two key chains, which form a heart when placed together. If this seems too cliché, you can make your husband a unique keychain from paracord.

The easiest key chain to make is the so-called monkey’s fist key chain. It’s a type of knot invented by sailors in the 19th century, who used it mostly for self protection. If this sounds too complicated, you can go with something simpler like engraving a metal tag with a meaningful message.

You can also purchase this from most hobby and craft stores, and get custom monkey fist key chains made.

Amazon Echo

Creating a playlist with your favorite songs seems as a romantic way to show your husband your love. However, recording a mix tape is bit outdated, which is why you need something for the 21st century. The device you should get is Amazon Echo. This is a voice controlled speaker, which can be used anytime and anywhere. In order to make this a romantic present for your husband/boyfriend, you can create a playlist at Amazon Music or Spotify and play it via the Echo!

Alternatively there’s also the Google Home which has the same capabilities but is powered by Google’s technology and a bigger speaker.

Men’s Cologne

Smell is the best trigger of memories. When a person smells a beautiful perfume, it can take them back in the past. You can buy your husband a bottle of the same cologne that he wore on your wedding day. Another good thing about perfumes is that they’re not all about revoking the memories, but also creating them!

This means that you can get spouse vivacious cologne that will inspire him to create new memories. If this is your choice, you should get new cologne, which he probably hasn’t smelled yet. Some of the colognes for men, which were recently launched, include L’Homme by Prada, Dior Sauvage, Mr. Burberry by Burberry, etc.

Anniversary Trip

Anniversary Trip Ideas

Anniversary Trip Ideas

You would think that people care the most about material things, but what most of us remember are the happy moments. You can have a memorable weekend with your husband, which will awaken the old passions and create new memories. Picking the right anniversary trip is not easy as it depends on a number of conditions – your hometown, time of the year, etc. In general, a short romantic vacation would involve either staying at a cottage in the woods or in a small studio in the middle of a historic city.

Got other great anniversary gifts for men that we missed here? Let us know and we can add it to the list! HerOnlineNetwork will always appreciate additional feedback from ya’ll. Thank’s for stopping by and checking us out. 

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