Is Laser for Acne the Best Road to the Perfect Skin?

Acne can be a very serious issue, especially if you are a teenager. It is not the health problems that we talk about here, but emotional. Acne can leave a huge scar not only on your skin, but on your soul as well. Treating acne can be a very difficult process that requires a lot of time and effort. On top of that, some acne treatments can make you go bankrupt, as they require a huge amount of money. With all of this in mind, people have started thinking about the alternatives.

One way is to simply stop carrying, but this is possible only if the situation is not too serious. However, if your whole face and back is covered in pimples, which not only look bad, but also cause you pain, ignoring the problem will not make it go away. Instead, you need to tackle it right away! In fact, the sooner you deal with acne, the better for your skin, mind, and the wallet!

Knowing the Cause of Acne

In most cases, adolescents get acne due to the problems with hormones. When you hit the puberty, your body starts changing, so it’s not an uncommon thing that your skin becomes oily and filled with pimples. In fact, there aren’t many people who stay acne-free during the puberty. However, if the acne keep on bugging you even after your teens, then something else is probably causing them.

The first thing you got to do is take a look at your diet. Simple sugars and fat are common causes of oily skin, which leads to acne problems. You need to start avoiding such foods, while introducing healthy foods in your diet. It’s essential to start eating more skin-friendly foods like fatty fish, broccoli, nuts and berries, as well as to start drinking more water.

When is Laser for Acne the Best Solution?

laser for medical

laser for medical

The fact is that you can make your skin healthy and beautiful with a proper diet, but in some cases, the damage caused by acne is irreversible. By damage, we mean the scars caused by the acne. You can try to treat them with some creams, but that can cost you a fortune. Instead, a much better way to prevent the damage is to solve the acne problem through laser therapy.

This kind of treatment works by affecting the bacteria that is responsible for the appearance of the acne. Once the laser kills it, the inflammation will go away. A great thing about the laser therapy is that it will get rid of the acne and prevent it from leaving the scars. However, this kind of therapy will not remove the scars previously created by the acne. For that, you need a different kind of treatment, which is called the pulsed dye laser therapy. This kind of laser will use yellow light to remove the redness, as well as to flatten the scar. 

Is It Worth the Money?

Considering that a tube of anti-acne gel, such as Kiss My Face Organics Break Out costs over $30 and lasts about a month, getting a long-term laser treatment seems as a better option. In most cases, a single treatment with laser costs about $150. However, most beauticians recommend repeating the treatment at least one more time. This means that you will have to spend about $300 to get rid of the acne. However, it won’t leave any scars and the results will last for much longer.

Still, it seems that it would be pointless to spend 10 times the money on the laser treatment then you would on the cosmetic products. This is true in some cases. If you are an adolescent or a grown up eating junk food on a regular basis, a laser treatment won’t do you any good. But, if your lifestyle is healthy and you want to make your skin flawless, laser for acne seems as the best solution!

Do you have any personal stories you want to share about laser for acne? Please let everyone else know what happened when you or one of your friends tried this procedure. HON would love your input!

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