Best Ideas for Birthday Gifts for Husband

Your husband’s birthday is fast approaching and you still haven’t got him a present? All you know is that you want something creative, which has to be useful at the same time. Choosing a present like that is not easy, which is why you need our help! Here are 5 birthday gifts for husband, which he’s guaranteed to cherish!

Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker that goes on the wrist, is a great way to keep track of the fitness progress. Modern trackers come with a bunch of interesting features that make running and in fact, any other physical activity, fun and interesting. On top of that, some fitness trackers also come with a GPS tracker, so that the person wearing it can carefully plan their jogging route.

Why is this ideal gift for your husband? Because you want him to stay healthy and fit! Another good thing about this gadget is that it can look pretty nice. Take a look, for example at Polar Sport Watch or Fitbit Blaze, both of which can be worn as regular wrist watches. 

Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

The Criterion Collection

To show your husband that you care about his soul as well, you may want to get him a DVD/Blue Ray collection of classic movies. The Criterion Collection is made of the best film in the history of cinema, all which come in high definition. With nearly 900 movies in the collection, it is guaranteed that you and your husband will have hours of entertainment at your disposal.

You can buy The Criterion Collection in the form of DVDs or Blue Ray disks, but you can also download the movies on the PC or interactive TV. All you got to do is visit the official Criterion website and choose the VOD (video-on-demand) option. At the moment, the price for downloading a movie is 5 US dollars.

Record Player

If your husband’s true passion isn’t the movies, but music, a good idea is to get him a vintage record player for his birthday. Try looking for one in a good condition on eBay, but if you fail to find it, a good idea is to buy a modern record player. This way, your hubby will be able to express himself and even record his vinyl scratching.

If you already own a record player, you may want to think about buying your husband a deluxe record of his favorite band. The good news is that you can find all kinds of new editions, even of defunct bands. Still, the best birthday present would be if you could get him a collector’s record. The problem with it is that such record might cost quite a lot. For example, the long play record of The Rolling Stones’ Promotional Album can cost more than $2,000!

Record Player

Record Player

Beer Brewing Kit

Custom-made beer is getting quite a lot of attention recently as people seem to be fed up with classic beers sold in the markets. If your husband likes trying new beers like fruity Oude Kriek or intoxicating Brewmeister’s Snake Venom, but doesn’t have the money to travel to Europe every time he feels like having a beer, you can get him a brewing kit for his birthday. With this kind of equipment, he will be able to make exactly the kind of beer he prefers. On top of that, he will surely have a great time brewing it.

Fish Tank

If your husband is having a tough time at work, he might need something to lift his mood. You can get him a fish tank for his birthday, which he can keep in his office. It will help him relax when he needs it the most. A fish tank seems as an ideal present as fish don’t require as much attention as other pets do. All he will need to do is feed them and clean the tank from time to time, although there are some fish tanks that do everything automatically.

These are some great gift ideas for husbands, we always want to get the newest and coolest gifts for our loved ones. These are sure to be unique and something that they won’t have. Let us know any other great gifts you have made, and what the results were!


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