5 Creative Gift Ideas For Your Special Someone

Have you ever realized that your special someone’s birthday or anniversary is right around the corner and you have no idea what to get them? Many times you can roam the mall or amazon for hours and still not find something that you deem is good enough for them. During these moments, it may be best to create something original that is filled with love and little trinkets they like.


1. Photo Decorative Letter

This is a perfect present that is simple to make and is perfect as a decoration piece in a home or even an office or cubicle. Here is what you will need:

Large Wooden Letter: this can be found in any art store

Spray Paint: It can be any color you’d like!

Modge Podge

Sponge Brush

Pictures- these should be wallet sized or smaller


Spray paint your wooden letter and leave out to dry. Depending on the spray paint, this can take several hours. Once dry, apply modge podge and begin putting pictures onto the face of the letter. Once you have placed all the pictures onto the letter, apply a final coat of modge podge on top of the pictures and let dry overnight. You can also use several letters to spell out initials, names, or even words.


2. “Open When” Cards

“Open When” cards are another fantastic choice. I made these for my boyfriend on our anniversary. You can use several statements here. Since he was always busy with work, I used statements such as: “Open when you are stressed”, “Open when you are tired”, and “Open when you are happy”. Others include Open when you are bored, you are angry, you miss me, etc. This is a very open ended present you can make this as personal or as general as you’d like! Inside, you can write a little note with words of encouragement, your feelings, motivation, and so on. With mine, I put little presents to go with the cards. For example, I put coffee with the “Open when you are tired” card and his favorite chocolates with the “Open when you are stressed” card. Though some may thing this is a present mostly for her, it can be great for the men in your life as well!


3. “Something” in a box

These are great presents because they are quick, thoughtful, and fun! You can swap in “Date night”, “Movie night”, “Spa Day”, “Me Day” and so in for the “something”. For “Movie Night in a Box”, you can put in a movie, a couple bags of popcorn, favorite candy, a couple glass coke bottles and you have a perfect box on your hands! You can even put this in a Popcorn bowl for a stronger effect. For date night, you can put a scarf, two tickets to your favorite show, or even ingredients for cooking or baking together. The date night box as well as the “Me Day” box are great ideas because you can make it really personal to fit your special someone’s hobbies or interests. Spa Day is one of my favorites because you can throw in some nailpolish, chocolates, a bath bomb, some lotion, candles, and place it all in some warm slippers or a basket for the perfect presentation. 


4. Personalized Mugs

Is it possible to have too many mugs? Never! Personalized mugs are cost-friendly to make and though quick, they show that you put thought and time into the present. This is also a great present when you can’t find a mug that resonates with your special someone’s personality. Below are a couple decoratve ideas you can look at.

Watercolor Mugs

For this, you will need a mug that is white or a plain light shade overall. Fill a medium or large bowl about half way with warm water. Add at least two (or more!) different shades of nail polish and gently swirl them around with a toothpick. Slowly submerge the mug in the water for about 5 or so seconds. Slowly take it out and let dry for approximately four hours. Voila! You have your watercolor mug ready! You can use metallic or black sharpies to customize it as well!



Brownie in a cup

For this, you will need a white mug, a black sharpie, and a recipe for something that can be made in a mug! This recipe will go onto the mug as a convenient reminder whenever your special someone is craving a treat. There are several recipes out there but my favorite is brownie in a cup.

The recipe is as follows: 

4 Tbsp Flour

4 Tbsp Sugar

2 Tbsp Cocoa

2 tbsp Oil

2 Tbsp Water

1/3 tsp vanilla

Microwave for one minute.


5. Mason Jar Goodies

Last but not least, Mason Jars are another creative gift idea and convenient too since you can easily buy mason jars in bulk! I like to buy the ones with the handle and place different drinks in there. You can put several packets of tea, a vial of honey, and an infuser for the tea lovers in your life. You can also do something similar for the coffee lovers out there with a bag of coffee, their favorite creamers, and a small vial of caramel, vanilla, or hazelnut syrup. You can even throw in a frother for those who are creative with their coffee. One of my favorites that was a hit among my friends during the holiday season were spiked hot cocoa mason jars. You can find the article here. Another idea is to put in their favorite alcoholic drinks in a shot-sized bottle so they can make their favorite cocktail or mixed drink! You cannot go wrong with this. There are endless ideas for what you can put in a mason jar and they are perfect to drink from as well!


Hope these creative gift ideas helped you gain a better idea of what you can get your special someone for their special day! Good luck! Let us know what you tried and how it was received in the comments below!

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