Best Treatment for Blackheads – Everything you need to know!

Acne comes in many forms and sizes, terrifying teens and young adults. We live in a world where a lot of things react with our skin, and these external factors can make blemishes and blackheads look worst than they are. There’s a lot of different treatments for acne and even natural ones, but some tend to be better than others. Here we are going to discuss the reasons why blackheads exist, ugh, and the one treatment that can help you remove blackheads forever.

What are blackheads? 

Most of us don’t care…in which case check our the treatment below. But this is for those who are curious and want to really understand why blackheads exist, and where they come from. Blackheads are a feature of acne that occurs frequently with zits, pimples, and whiteheads. Specifically, blackheads are dark acne legions that turned dark through oxidized melanin.


How do they occur? 

This symptom of acne is caused when pores on your skin are blocked. Your body constantly produces oil to keep your skin healthy. However, overproduction of these oils can cause your pores to be filled with them. Sebum is the oily substance that is produced and is crucial in helping lubricate skin and hair. When produced in high quantity, it causes the pores to be plugged along with skin cells. This can be prevented as a treatment option for blackheads.


How come they are black? 

The worst thing about blackheads is the fact that they are black. Why is that? Well the thing about this acne is that it is exposed to the air. Whiteheads are the type of acne that are closed and looks white or pus-like. When exposed to the air, the sebum is oxidized, turning it into the black color that we see. These are usually black but can also come in a dark brown or grey color.

what is a blackhead

Myths about Blackhead Treatments? 

  1. You need to constantly remove them when they appear…
  2. Constant skin washing/cleaning

Most people like to pick at their skin and remove the blackheads by picking, squeezing and/or popping them. Although that does remove them temporarily, it is not a great long term solution. This can lead to inflammation of the skin as well as scarring.

The second myth is that the skin needs to be constantly cleaned. Although cleaning the skins is a great treatment, we cover that below, it does not improve the condition if it happens multiple times a day. This can also cause irritation of the skin, and lead to dry skin as well.


Best Treatment for Blackheads

One of the best treatments for acne is to remove the oil and dead skin cells from your skin. As I mentioned above, sebum and skin calls are the two things that clog your pores. So removing these are going to improve and help reduce pores clogging.

You shouldn’t be constantly cleaning your face, instead it should be done in a regular schedule. This can be determined by you, but most people would pick the time right before they sleep. Get your favorite cleaner and clean your face each night before sleeping. This helps reduce the amount of oil that is still present on your skin. Furthermore it clears the skin cells and doesn’t allow pores to clog easily.

Skin Cleaning Blackheads

The MOST important, and hardest, part of this is consistency. Most people can do this for a few weeks, and see great results. But that’s when they stop. This causes your skin to buildup the gunk on your skin and go back to clogging the pores. So once you have created a schedule, make sure to keep to it each and every night.

Stop feeling embarrassed and start feeling more confident! We know that having blackheads can cause esteem issues and social nervousness. Use this treatment to get the wheels turning and start preventing blackheads from ever occurring on your skin again!

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Best Treatment for Blackheads - Everything you need to know!
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