5 Unreal Benefits of Acai berry Tea

The word acai get’s tossed around a lot and most blogs don’t go in depth with what sort of benefits acai has, and why. That’s not this article. No, we are going to do a deep dive and then go through several benefits from acai berries, especially the tea version. If you are looking for the list, check out the bottom of this article. Otherwise, let’s start talking about why acai berries can provide us with many health benefits.



Why does Acai berry have so many health benefits? 

Right off the bat, the nutritional values packed in an acai berry fruit is incredible. Each contains about 500 calories with 32 grams of fat, 8 grams of protein, and 44 grams of fiber. Along with that, acai berries are filled with vitamin A and C, Calcium and Iron. It’s a great fruit to begin making just about any healthy dish out of.

These berries have antioxidant properties, which contains a phytochemical known as flavonoid. This is a type of antioxidant which protects your body from chemical reactions with oxygen. We have free radicals all over our bodies and oxidation happening constantly, over long periods of time this leads to hardening of the arteries and serious health issues. Acai berries don’t only have initial vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy lifestyle, but continuous health benefits for long term well-being.


Benefits of Acai Berry Tea

Immune System

Drinking acai berry tea each and every day can lead to various health benefits. Our immune systems constantly weaken, and especially during the winter where getting a fever is almost guaranteed. In addition to outside factors, oxidative stress leads to a weaken immune system. So while our body tries to fight off the viruses and bacteria externally, it is doing that with a weakened state. Acai berries has a carbohydrate that stimulates T cells, leading to increased production. If you’re the person in the office who gets colds all the time, it might be a good invest to get a jar of acai berry tea leaves.

Reduce Mental Decline

As we get older, mental fatigue takes a toll on our state. Sometimes it can get as bad as losing basic cognitive functions. The reason for that is our neural networks breaking down due to age and specifically long term oxidation damaging our nurons. In order to reduce stress on our mental state, drinking acai tea has been known to prevent decline in cognitive function.

Increase Focus 

On that same note, if you are looking for a boost of energy, then this fruit tea can give you a spurt. It isn’t quite the same as a huge caffeine rush, but the mental focus is usually enough to get you started. Many students have discussed the minimal side effects of drinking acai berry teas, and that’s only one of the reasons it’s better than coffee. Also, there’s plenty of additional benefits, just look around.

Make your cells feel good!

This fruit also has properties that improves your health at a cellular level. The quality of antioxidants present refine functionality within the cell. This increases the efficiency of the cells as well as increase longevity of cells. Which happens to be about 4 months, in case you were curious.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Does work or school have you stressed constantly? Have a history of blood pressure issues? Drinking some tea(specifically acai berry) and relaxing have shown to help lower blood pressure, and keep it low. Acai berry tea contains high amounts of anthocyanins, which has shown to reduce blood pressure. They also contain sterols which reduce the cholesterol levels around our heart area.

See how you’re able to reduce blood pressure naturally or some vitamins that will help  lower it.

What’s stopping you from trying some out? Go to your local supermarket and I am sure you will be able to find some. You can also get single servings at Starbucks, Panera Bread and more. These were some incredible acai berry tea benefits, go out and try some and let me know what you think!

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5 Unreal Benefits of Acai berry Tea
Acai berries are filled with nutrition and antioxidative properties. Find out why acai berries are so good for you and some of the crazy benefits!
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