Five Essential Yoga Equipment for Relaxation and Flexibility

The essence of yoga is to connect the body and mind. It can be a fantastic way to not only stay healthy but let out the stress as well. It can be a perfect way to relax, especially during the holidays. Whether you are looking for yoga equipment as a present for yourself or a present for someone special, it can be difficult to figure out what is needed. In most cases, yoga can can be done without much equipment at all. However, in order to follow through with the poses smoothly and effectively, check out some of the yoga equipment below.



Yoga Mat

The best thing about having your own mat is you can choose one that is most comfortable for you and take  it with you on the go! Yoga mats are different depending on their thickness, texture, build, and design so definitely shop around before settling on one that is best for you. It is best to invest in a sturdy mat so it will last you longer. Manduka and Lululemon mats might be great place to start looking!


Yoga Mat Bag

If you’re investing in a yoga mat, it is best to grab a bag to go along with it. It is important to have a bag if you are going to be using your mat on the go, whether that be at work, at a studio, or your nearest gym. You can also find one that has additional pockets to put your wallet and keys so you can have everything you need in one place! They also come in beautiful designs and make it easy to carry your mat around without it unrolling.



Yoga Mat Towel 

Yoga Mat towels are essential yoga equipment to keep with you, especially if you tend to sweat a lot or are looking to try out hot yoga. Look for microfiber towels since they are super absorbent and you can lay it on your mat if it starts to feel sticky. You can also put it down on top of a rental mat from the local gym or a borrowed one.


Yoga Straps

Yoga straps can be very helpful in extending your reach and help with flexibility. It can also help your alignment with poses and give you support during difficult ones. These can be very beneficial for those that are trying out yoga for the first time and are wary of their flexibility. Try these out if you’re having difficulty with certain poses or are wanting to try out more difficult ones.


Yoga Bolsters

Yoga bolsters are helpful with getting you comfortable in certain positions and provide extra support.  Much like yoga straps, these can be very helpful for beginners. They can help you stay in certain positions longer as well as relax into stress relieving positions.


Yoga Blocks 

Finally, look into yoga blocks. They are useful for all levels of yoga. Much like Yoga Straps, yoga blocks can help with alignment as well as flexibility. It can help you rest your limbs during certain poses and give flexibility during poses that are much more difficult.




Whether you are just starting out or an avid yoga user, these items are perfect to enhance your flexibility and comfort level. Not only do these make perfect presents for the holidays, they are great to use during those stressful moments when you need to relax or have a break!

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