Where to find the perfect Xmas gift?

Where to find the perfect Xmas gift? We all want to give that authentic unique gift to our loved ones. And sometimes it can get hard browsing the same store or website over and over again. That’s why you need to find new places, for the perfect Xmas gift.

First, identity who you want to give a gift to and what they like. It could be sports, craft, DIY , electronics and more. After finding the perfect niche, then we can move forward and look at where to find these. Here are a few great options below, but you can build upon them and make it even better. Being creative is going to pay off a lot more than buying the most expensive gift.

Sporting Goods

Sports fans, like myself, love getting gifts for our favorite athlete, team, and sport. Common gifts here include tickets to these games, jerseys, apparel and more. These are all great ideas, but they dry out if you continue to give them year after year. Instead we have found some new sports gifts that adds to that.

Uncommon Goods

Homemade Sporting Goods


DIY Gifts

This is where we can let our creativity go. Crafts are unique and one-of-a-kind, unless it is bought from the store, then it can vary. We can make gifts such as a hot cocoa mason jar or a slippers and gifts bundle. We can take the simplest home good and add that Xmas goodness to it. Blankets, pillows, jars, vases and more can be crafted to be unique and are easy enough that it won’t take you days. Here’s some images below to get you started!




Initially electronic gifts seem straight forward and easy to get. Go to the local Best Buy and get the hottest game, headphones, technology of that year. That’s what most people would do. You can take another route and buy the electronic that is unique and special just for the chosen person. Here are some websites that have electronics that you won’t find in everyday stores:

Brookstone Gifts

20 Awesome Gifts/Gadgets


And More?

Maybe the person you are giving the present to don’t fit in these categories. Perhaps they need something more? We tend to think of gifts as items that are give immediate happiness once they open the present. However, gifts can offer experiences, curiosity, and a bit of unpredictability.

1.Take them out to the hottest restaurant in town

Have a new place that just opened up? Maybe just a restaurant that he/she has been dying to go to? Take them out there and make it a great experience while connecting and having food.

2.Unique Experiences

Sometimes we all want to do something but don’t have the time or money to really go for it. Get on Groupon and find a local experience that the gift receiver can do such as gun ranges, paintballing, wine tasting, sky diving and more. Experiences are going to be more memorable and unique.

3.Subscription Boxes

Subscription based services and gifts are blowing up. Purchase a few months and you can give the gift that is different and keeps on coming for months. Here are some subscriptions services that are popular, I am certain you are able to find something specific to what your giftee would like.

Ipsy Subscription (Check out our review of Ipsy Box!)

Loot Crate



This are all the ways I go about finding the perfect Xmas gift. It make take a bit of research, especially if you don’t know the giftee well, but you will always find that great gift. Got more links or ideas? Let us know below!

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