Quick Acne Treatments before Thanksgiving

It is that time of the year for family gatherings, we are going to be sitting side by side with family that we haven’t seen for months. The most terrifying thing for young adults is to find Thanksgiving pictures of themselves covered in pimples. Here are some quick acne treatments that you can do to start removing acne and feel confident during the holiday gatherings. Got a really bad situation, check out our article on acne treatments for your worst situtations.

Quick Acne Treatment

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil - Acne RemedyUsing tea tree oil has shown to reduce the swelling and redness of pimples within a few hours. These oils can be found at most convenience stores and supermarkets. They are usually located in the vitamins area. Tea tree oil should be used in small amounts, dab a little bit on your finger or a cotton swap and then apply to the affected areas. Wait 45 – 60 minutes and then clean your face right after. A way to guarantee treatment of acne is to leave the oil on overnight.




Apples and Honey

Grate apples and put in a bit of honey. After creating the thick cream, we can apply it in different ways. One is to apply it to the affect pimple area and then leave it for around 20 minutes. Another application is to use it as a face wash and wash your face twice with it.


Green Tea Ice Cubes

One of my personal favorites. First you need to make the ice cubes, so go ahead and make the flavor of tea you like the most and then wait for it to cool to room temperature. Pour it into ice trays and leave it in the freezer overnight. Rubbing these on blemishes will smooth, soothe, and reduce the swelling. Also, the tea acts as an astringent, tightening the skin and making it look smoother.


Orange Peels

orange-peel-pimple-remediGet an orange and peel a few inches of the skin off. Put pressure on the peel or even use a small hammer to pound it a few times. A meat tenderizer also works quite well for this. Do this for 5 – 10 seconds and then rub the peel on and around the pimples. Make sure you put enough pressure on the orange peel for the juices to come out. This treatment works best if you leave it on the affected area for up to 15 minutes.


Thanksgiving isn’t the time to be fussing over how you look, it should be spent enjoying time with family. Use these acne treatment remedies to help you solve your problem and get you back to your holiday festivities ASAP. Got other tips for fellow Her Online Network readers? Let us know below!

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