4 Effective Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is an a invisible disease that slowly suffocates the life out of you. It is recommended to get tested for high blood pressure consistently, especially if your family has been known to get it. Diets for high blood pressure is one of the best ways to lower high blood pressure and keep the effects at bay. Hypertension, which is another name for this disease, can be lowered in many ways. Although dieting is one way, many of us does not have the time to completely change our lifestyle, and needs more efficient ways to manage this disease.

Many of us get the “unfortunate” gene as this disease can be passed down from generation to generation. However, we all can change that, not only for ourselves, but our future generation. Below are 4 effective and efficient ways to lower high blood pressure, they are proven to work especially people who have a history of it.


Reduce the amount of sodium intake

We have seen that salt has always had an effect on high blood pressure. People who have had consistent high sodium diets will increase their blood pressure, and eventually develop hypertension. This is because the salt rasises the sodium in your bloodstream, putting pressure on the kidneys to remove water. The extra fluid and strain on the blood vessels around the kidney leads to higher blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause multiple issues with your heart, arteries, kidneys and more.

Be conscious of the diet you have, and if you are at risk for this disease, keep sodium to a minimum. Just use less salt!


Limit the amount of alcohol

Having a drink every few days is perfectly fine, but having more than three drinks in one sitting can increase your blood pressure. Repeated binge drinking can cause long term health issues with hypertension. It is easy to constantly have a few glasses of wine, or even a beer or two each night. Yet with high blood pressure becoming an issue, be aware of how much you can drink and when. Limiting the amount of alcohol is one of the easiest ways to reduce and prevent hypertension.

Want to learn more about alcohol interaction with this disease, check it out here.



Reduce stress

Stress is terrible for people who have high blood pressure. Some people like stress as a motivating factor and purposely put themselves in situations that promote it. Others might try and avoid it at all cost.  We know that stressful situations releases hormones into your body that increases bloodflow and temporarily narrows your blood vessels.

This increase in your blood pressure only happens for an hour or so. No current tests show long term issues related to stress, however it is never bad to be careful. Avoid stress or try and reduce it if you already have history with hypertension. To find more information about stress and high blood pressure, check out this article.


Reduce caffeine intake

Caffeinated drinks, especially energy drinks, causes a dramatic increase in your blood pressure. This happens even if you do not have high blood pressure. The world loves their coffee, as it is an effective stimulant allow highly focused sessions. However it is recommended to reduce caffeine intake if you are at risk for high blood pressure. Be proactive and get tested for it if you believe that you are at risk.


Do you have any other ways to lower blood pressure? Be sure to let us know below!

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