5 Fast Acne Treatments for your Worst Situations

Looking for fast acne treatments? Need immediate relief? Then you are at the right place. Below are 5 fast acne treatments that can help reduce the redness and size of your pimples. We have all had the situation where we may have a party, dance, or get-together with loved ones. And it would be terrible if we had no way to reduce the pimples that seem to appear at the worst occasion. To deal with these situations we have remedies that can help deal with acne in the short run.

  1. Using Ice to reduce redness
  2. Lemon for quicker recovery
  3. Garlic to heal the pimples faster
  4. Toothpaste for overnight relief
  5. Steam to clear out pores

I have dealt with situations where I had a wedding to go to or a party, either way, all I needed was one of these actions to deal with my acne. We can’t predict everything that happens to us, even at the worst of times, but we sure can react to them!

If you have any other great treatment options (preferably something less than 24 hours), let us know! It may just help another Her Online Network member avoid catastrophe.

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