Financial Assistance for Single Moms

If you’re a single parent, you know exactly what it feels like to be a snail lugging around a heavy shell all day. With work, school, and children, it is no doubt a difficult and arduous process. Though there is financial assistance available for single moms, keep in mind that they are also heavily competitive.

Whether you need money to pay bills, money to go to college, or money for child care, it may seem like no matter how hard you work, you’ll never get where you’re going. 

The good news is there are plenty of programs to assist you to move ahead. But, the operative word is “move ahead”. It remains your personal responsibility to make the best of opportunities designed to fill in those financial gaps so that you can make it through today and pave the way for your kids in the future. 

Housing Assistance 

There are both private programs, which are usually floated through a faith-based organization, as well as public programs operated by the state and federal governments that can help you. If you get food stamps, your local DHS office has a subdivision that can help you with rental assistance in case you are behind and on the verge of getting evicted. But, for help with getting into a home – either as a rental or purchasing a home of your own – HUD is where you need to look. HUD homes tend to be cheaper than market value and may be a great alternative to look into. 

Child Care

The Office of Child Care used to be the Child Care Bureau. It partners with states and tribes as the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) program. Sadly, some state legislators, the same ones that defunded parts of the food stamp program and enacted drug tests for parents who need help with feeding their children, put limits on this program. 

If your state is one of those, check out the Child Care Aware organization. They list available resources by state so you can look up what is available in yours. They also have programs and information to help guide you through those child raising years. 


Feeding America is a private organization that operates food banks across the U.S. as well as providing meals for seniors and disabled individuals who cannot get to the food bank or who can no longer cook for themselves. Feeding America hires people to work at their food banks and this could be an opportunity – if you are not already working full time – to pay for the food you get at the bank and help others as well.

No Kid Hungry is another notable program started by the chefs at Food Network. They also have jobs available and programs that feed kids after school. They also have other programs including breakfast at school and summer food programs. 


One of the most difficult problems in a financially strained situation is having reliable transportation, which is absolutely necessary if you have children. It is more than just about getting to work.  You need a vehicle that doesn’t require prolonged or expensive maintenance and that will work when you need it for emergencies. Thankfully, there are many outlets for free cars that are donated by private individuals to help those in need of transportation. 

Education for Less

If you’re looking to get your foot back in the door for a degree or certification, there are many programs out there to help you achieve this goal for less. The Obamas have a special scholarship program for mothers– Moms Return to School Grant Scholarship fund. Remember, this is not a loan, it is free money you can use to get a better education. Bill and Melinda Gates have a private foundation grant for low-income students to get into post-secondary schools – in other words, college. Be sure to scroll down the the page on their site and check out JFF’s program assistance You can also check out MDC’s if you’re living in North Carolina

Remember …

No matter how bleak your circumstances may be, there are people and organizations created to lend you a helping hand and would be proud to become a part of your journey to a successful future. Though these are great financial assistance for single moms, be sure to utilize the one that caters to your unique circumstances. 

Do you have something that might help? Let us know and we can work together to spread the word!

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