5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes to Try

Halloween is right around the corner! However, for some of us, it can mean frantically looking around for a last minute costume. Though it can be frustrating and stressful, there are some last minute Halloween costumes you can try to still get the perfect look and not have to worry about store hopping for a costume!


Kitty Cat

One of the most traditional last minute Halloween costumes is a cat. This is perfect because as long as you have a black shirt, black pants, and make up, you can make a unique cat look! For the makeup, use your foundation as a base and and bronzer to contour your cheekbones. You can use dark brown and black eyeshadow to create a thick smoky eye effect. Use your eyeliner to make a thick wing, extending about a half inch out to the level of your eyebrow as well as extending the inner line a bit towards your nose. Use the eyeliner to paint the tip of your nose and draw a line down the cupid’s bow towards your lip. Use a black lip pencil to color in your upper lip. You can also use a matte nude or red lipstick to color your lower lip. Finally, put some dots on the area between your upper lip and nose. You can also use construction paper and a headband to create ears!



This is one of my favorites because you can’t go wrong here! Cut up a white t-shirt and with some black and gray paint, streak the shirt to give a dirty effect. Grab some ripped up jeans and you’re good to go for the clothing. For the makeup, I personally like to use a very very pale foundation and a red and purple eyeshadow around the eyes. You can use gray here too depending on the type of look you want to go for. You can use eyeliner on both your upper and lower lid as well as a light nude lipstick. You can check out this post for more makeup ideas!


Rosie the Riveter

rosie-the-riveterIf you have jeans, a jean cloth button up shirt, and a read piece of cloth or bandana, Rosie the Riveter might be a great last minute Halloween costume for you! Start by folding up your sleeves as well as the bottom of your jeans and leaving the last two buttons on your shirt open so you can tie it in the front. Next, put your hair in a bun and tie your red bandana on. You can’t go wrong with the makeup here. Start off with your foundation and contour your cheekbones. I like to skip the eyeshadow and put a thin line of eyeliner with a small wing tip. Finish your look off with bright red lipstick and you’re good to go!





A robber Halloween costume is also a classic last minute costume. For the outfit, keep an eye out for a black and white striped shirt, black pants, a beanie, and gloves. You can also make a mask with a black cloth (just cut two holes out and tie it around your head) or even using sun glasses! Grab a cloth grocery bag and throw a dollar sign on there and you’re all set. No need to worry about makeup here though you can do as much or as little as you want depending on your taste.


Comic Book Character

Comic Book CharacterLast but definitely not the least, you can try for a comic book character look. This is one of my absolute favorites because in terms of clothes, you can wear whatever you want. You also get to be really creative with your makeup and get to use those bold colors you’ve been waiting to use. Start off with your foundation as a base and eyeliner to dramatically thicken your eyebrows. You can use your eyeliner to draw lines along your cheekbone, jawbone, collarbone, and hairline. Finally, use your eyeliner on your upper and lower eyelids and create a wing tip effect if you would like. You can use a black lip liner (or eyeliner as I do) to create a thick outline around your lips. Use a red lipstick to color in your lips. With a white lip pencil or face paint, put dots all around your face and a little bit to create a line in the middle of your lower lip to give a reflective effect. You can use red dots here as well for a bolder look!


As Halloween day draws closer, don’t worry too much about what to dress up as. In our busy lives, this is the last thing we need. These are some ideas you can use to go to that last minute party or event and still look bold and beautiful!


Good luck with these last minute Halloween costume ideas!

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