Halloween Makeup Ideas – Best of 2016

With the month of fright and horror underway, everyone is excited to get the perfect shot with their Halloween costumes.  But it doesn’t just end there! You should also compliment it with the scariest and boldest makeup so you can make your friends scream and tremble with fear when they see you or stare in awe.  Check out these following fantastic Halloween makeup ideas:

  • MOM-look-alike

If you are looking for the easiest and quickest Halloween makeup in the entire world, then grab now your favorite face mask (mud) and you mom’s robe and there you go! Don’t forget to use only mineral makeup samples.

  • Witch

witch-halloween-makeupThis is too classic. If you’re going for the green witch look, use green face paint as a base and darker green to contour as you normally would with your make up. If not, you can use a pale base foundation and contour away. Follow that up by layering on your black (or silver) eyeliner and definitely make use of bold green and purple eyeshadow. Top it off with a dark and bold lipstick and you’ll be on your way to winning that costume contest! We have an extensive tutorial on that, check it out here.

  • Skeleton 

skeleton-halloween-makeupIf you want to be a little bit spooky this year, then a skeleton costume could be a fab thing.  You could easily scare people effortlessly. For this, use white face paint as a base. If you’re going for a cutesy look,  I recommend using black lipstick and extending the edges of your mouth with a black eyeliner and drying lines perpendicular to create a ‘stitched’ look. You can do this on your lips as well! Use black and silver eyeshadow, extending the black all around your eye. Top this off with some fake lashes and you’re good to go! 

  • Pretty fish

Look around in Google; you can find so many DIY of pretty fish make up.  No worries at all. It is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to stretch some fishnet tights right on the top of your head and work with your blue eye shadow. Use other glitter and dichromatic eyeshadows (green, blue, and silver) to get the best look! You can also use pearl or jewel stickers to add some glammer! 

  • Butterfly

If you enjoy bright beautiful colors, the butterfly look may fit on you. Using yellow, orange, and red eyeshadows with bold eyeliner and mascara to obtain the perfect monarch butterfly look. Shimmery shades of blue, purple, or green are other colors that would look great as well! The trick here is to use thick eyeliner or a black and silver to accentuate the eyeshadow combo you decide. Use fake eyelashes to top it off! 

  • Modern Vampire

modern-vampire-makeupWho says fangs are out of style? Trust me, they are not and will be forever associated with fashion. Here, try using black eyeshadow in addition to either red or dark purple and extend the eyeshadow onto your lower eyelid as well. Use a dark or ombre red lipstick and a paler or lighter foundation to enhance the makeup. Of course, this costume is not complete until you have some blood dripping from your mouth. Add that and you are on your way to steal the spotlight! 

  • Terrifying Zombies

When you want to be alone and scare people away during Halloween, this is the perfect costume for you to work on. Here, we once again would start with a pale base. Use shades of brown on your upper lid and maroon and purple for below the eyelid. Use a blending sponge and matte maroon and purple around your face to give a bruised look. You can even use your eyeliner to extend the sides of your mouth on one side and use maroon again to make it look like a cut. Use this combination on different areas of the face if you want to have “scars”. Add a pale or gray and black ombre look to your lips and you’re good to go! You’ll surely have your friends scared to death!

  • Kitty Cat

kitty-cat-halloween-makeupNo Halloween party is complete with a cat on the prowl. This is one of my favorites because it is quick and does not require you spending much (if any) money! If you have black leggings and a black shirt, construction paper lying around,  and a head band,  you are already on your way to a great costume. The makeup here is fun too because all you need here is some black eyeliner, lipstick, and eyeshadow. Contouring definitely helps accentuate but is not necessary. Start with your eyeshadow and go for a smoky eye look. Use white or silver at the corner of your eyes, pushing it just a tad bit towards your nose. Make sure your eyeliner is thick and extend it to the level where your eyebrow ends. This is usually called a cat’s eye. Also use thick eyeliner on your lower lid. Use your eyeliner to paint the tip of your nose and draw a line down your cupid’s bow to your lips. You can finish off this look with either black lipstick on your upper lip and matte nude on your lower, or you can use a black lipliner (or your eyeliner even) to outline your lips and a bright red lipstick to make a bold statement!

These are some of the best Halloween makeup styles, which don’t require too much preparation. You just need to be a little creative and wild with your eyeshadows and bases. Check out mineral makeup samples from beauty stores as those make some of the best and natural bases for you to work with!  

Remember,  your Halloween makeup can either make or break your costume. Instead of spending tons of  money on the generic and corny costumes, why not let your face be the focus of the attention? 

Halloween is not just about making people afraid of you– it is all about fun and excitement!  It is a time for us to have a break from a long day of work or study and become something else for the night. So, don’t waste your time opting for generic costumes and light makeup. Spice it up. Show off your creativity and flaunt your make up skills! 

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