Halloween Witch Makeup Tutorial

Witch costumes are one of the most popular Halloween getups there are!  Being a witch for your next Halloween party is quick and easy wardrobe-wise.  However, not everyone can achieve the ideal ‘witch look’ that they desire particularly when the makeup doesn’t seem to match the outfit of the wearer. Whether you are going to portray a protagonist witch in some popular fairytale or film, or just want to be at your best with your costume, you are bound to create a strong impression with the proper witch makeup. But if you are still anxious about how to execute your witch makeup, no need to worry. The following guidelines lay out some helpful tips & a step-by-step makeup tutorial that you can follow to make a unique witch makeup design that can help you stand out among the rest:

Evil Green Witch

This type of witch makeup is typically portrayed with a green facial base to create a scary and evil look. The same principle can be applied to make a spooky witch makeup to any skin tone. But for those people who have sensitive skin should note that novelty makeup can irritate the skin so make sure to proceed with caution. Perform a minute patch test for about 48 hours before the day you are planning to use the makeup.

Makeup Supplies that are Needed: Green base makeup or face paint, Facial sponge, light brown base makeup, dark red lipstick, black eyeliner/eye pencil, black mascara, purple face paint or eyeshadow as well as black eyeshadow (optional).


  1. Soak your facial sponge in your green base makeup. Then, dab the makeup gently and smoothly onto your face, make sure to concentrate it along the cheekbone, the sides of your nose, upper and lower parts of your chin, and edges of your forehead.
  2. Soak the sponge in your light brown makeup then gently dab it over your green makeup to add dimension to the green facepaint. This will add a slightly mottled look to your face.
  3. Create several deep wrinkles in your face with the use of your eyeliner or eye pencil. Draw a line that extends outward and down from your eye’s inner corner. Also, create some branch off on each line thus making an upside down ‘Y’ on both cheekbones.
  4. Apply heavy black eyeliner on your upper& lower lids making the upper line past the edge of your eyelid by approximately half an inch. Then follow up with dark eyeshadow to deepen your eyes more and accentuate the dark lines.
  5. Use your mascara to shape your eyebrows. You can also darken your eyebrows further by drawing a heavy thick line over each one using your eyeliner. Also, draw small lines on both eyebrows extending upward to give an impression of hair and heavy brows.
  6. Using your purple eyeshadow, coat your eyelids, extending it to your eyebrows. You can create a smokey eye effect by using purple and black eyeshadow on the edge of your eyelid.
  7. Next, apply a dark red lipstick to coat your lips.
  8. Outline lips in black.
  9. Finish your makeup by placing or drawing some black moles on your chin or nose.

Use the image below as a guide for contouring with green face paint:

Good luck! Happy Halloween!

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