Ensuring Good Health with Healthy After School Snack Ideas

A balanced, organic food diet is what is ideal for children of all ages– to help their growing body and mind to get the necessary vitamins and minerals to function properly and to stay fit and healthy. Unfortunately, it has been noticed that children are more prone to consuming unhealthy foods that are easily available and combined with an inactive lifestyle playing their favorite online games, thus leading to obesity and related illnesses.

Planning and organizing healthy snack recipes

It is the duty of the parents to ensure that their children are provided with nutritious food. There are plenty of after school snack ideas on the web that can be used for the purpose of  healthy eating as well as impressing the child, luring him or her to consume them delightfully. The huge collection of ideas do allow the parent to cook something new for the child consistently and ensure that they do not repeat the same snack idea again and again, making snacks all the more alluring and interesting.

After School Snacking

After School Snacking

Avoiding junk foods

With the different after school snack ideas, it is possible to make the children forget about junk food. They should always be provided with nutritious food, which should always be available readily at home. Since children do not prefer to consume heavy meals, they should be given light ones every now and then, making sure that they are full and can derive the energy to carry out their activities and childish pranks. There are several junk foods to be avoided to a greater extent, if not completely like potato chips, pizzas, sweet candy, fries, and burgers. Try using shapes, colors, and new recipes to get your children excited for snacking. 

Benefits derived from healthy after school snack ideas

One of the benefits of utilizing after school snack ideas is to provide your children with nutritious and healthy snacks. A well prepared snack can help contain hunger and prevent the little ones from consuming more than their body requires. This will not only set good habits for your children now but decrease their chances of excess weight gain. 


Selecting the most appropriate after school snack ideas

It would be essential to choose recipes that can perfectly match the specific nutritional requirements of children. The recipes selected need to be easy and take few minutes for preparation. All the ingredients should listed before visiting the grocery store to ensure having the kitchen stocked ideally whole week. This way, groceries are consumed fresh! The healthy snacks that you plan to prepare should complement the food that is to be served for regular meals.

Special attention should be taken when using fruits and dairy products, since they are prone to getting spoiled quickly.

A few after school snack ideas

Below are few ideas you can try to keep your  children full of energy and healthy.

  • Potato balls
  • Yogurt fruit parfait
  • Strawberry smoothie
  • Natural pita chips along with cheese or hummus dip
  • Nuts (cashews, almonds, peanuts)
  • Tuna sandwich
  • Popcorn
  • Banana nut bread
  • Milk mixed with whole grain cereals
  • Banana rounds or Apple slices topped with peanut butter

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Besides the above, there are numerous snacks that you can try for your children to help them to grow and be healthy. Got any tips or additional snacks that should be on the list? Let us know and we might even add you on the contribution list! 

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