Being a parent is hard: Is this really true?

Trying to raise children is considered by many parents to be the toughest and most demanding of all jobs. At the same time, it can also be a rewarding and wonderful experience. The truth is that being a parent is hard, since it requires both the mother and the father to have immense patience, look after all the minute requirements and demands of their child, and hope that they grow into an emotionally secure adult.

You Know What’s Best

According to many, being a parent is hard. Besides taking care of the tantrums of children, parents are also compelled to make decisions, both large and small, which may directly or indirectly affect the life of their little ones. The experts believe that parents are in the best place to determine what is considered to be right for their family and children, based upon their lifestyle, circumstances, and values. Though these decisions are sometimes painful and difficult to make, only you know what is best for you and your child in that moment. 

Creating a strong bond

It is necessary for parents to build trusting bond with their children and be connected to them emotionally. They are undoubtedly  the single most significant influence in the lives of their children. Scientists have concluded that parents are the first behavior models that children will begin to imitate and learn from. Furthermore, parents are required to identify and deal with their children’s challenging traits in a positive and constructive manner. Studies suggest that parents, on an average, across the globe spend around 20% – 30% of their salaries to raise their children. Of course this is a lot but taking care of your child and being acutely aware of their needs strengthens that bond between parent and child. As the child begins to trusts you to care of his or her needs, he or she will also feel much more secure and safe in their environment. Studies have also shown that secure children grow up to be emotionally secure and functional adults. 


Dealing with income demands to raise family

Now, it has become important for both the parents to work to provide their child a better, secured future.  Again, single parents are required to take up two to three jobs. This means that during their absence, the children get exposed to stressful situations that compromise their ability to develop the necessary skills and resilient mindset for functioning effectively in their day to day life.

Escalating jobs and demanding jobs result in higher stress levels as well as enormous pressure on the parent. It is without doubt that children, emotionally, grow up faster and are much more integrated within adult activities and spaces, wielding more power when family decisions are to be taken. Teenagers do face a challenging time, since they are trying to figure their role within the family as well as who they are. Poor communication skills and family values may lead the children to rebel. Therefore, even though income demands can be difficult to work with, remember to spend time with your child and have open communication so you can address any fears or concerns in your children as they emerge. 

Things to consider

Trying to raise children successfully does require the parent to have plenty of patience, some luck and lots of practice. The crucial goal for parents is to provide their children with safety, utmost care, and protection from dangers that lurks around.

Being a parent is hard, especially these days, with our changing society and the emergence of new issues related to raising the child every now and then. However, it is a learning process. Try new parenting techniques and as the children learn from their mistakes, you will too realize what works and what does not. Also, we cannot stress enough that patience is key. Being short with your child will close off communication and strain the relationship between you and your child. So, be a visible resource and guide for your child and be aware of their fear, hopes, and expectations. As we like to say, be there and be aware! 

Good things come in small packages

As a matter of fact, children are both quite incredible and quite difficult to tackle. However, good things that come in life always seem to be difficult. Although the parent has to sacrifice his or her personal time to raise the child, the rewards derived can be more than satisfying. Watching your child grow and become a happy individual– watching them smile– can be the most amazing reward of all. Parenting may come easy to you or it may be a learning curve. Either way, stay strong and move forward. You will come to know what works and what does not. At that point, it won’t be as difficult as it will be enjoyable! 

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Being a parent is hard: Is this really true?
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