Order of Makeup: What Goes First?


When getting ready for the day—or night—it can be difficult to figure out what goes first: the foundation or the eye shadow? Order of putting on make-up can be difficult to figure out especially when there are so many ways to go about it.  Here is one of the ways I found best to put on makeup:



Always start with the eyes. Begin with working on the brows. Tweeze and trim as needed and follow up with an eyebrow pencil, gel, or powder. If your eyebrow color is darker, dab your mascara on a Kleenex to get excess off and you can use that on your eyebrows also!

Follow this by working on your eyeshadow. Begin with primer and after you have your base coat (generally a lighter skin-tone color), build your eye shadow colors from darkest to lightest. This is followed by eyeliner and mascara. It’s best to do your eye makeup as early as possible because if the powder falls onto your face, it is easier to brush off rather than have a messy finish.



The next thing to work on is the face. Everyone has their own hierarchy when debating to put on concealer or foundation first. In this case, whatever gets you the best blending should be used. I prefer to begin with concealer and put the foundation on last. The concealer gets my dark circles while the foundation smooths out the concealer and the rest of my face to give an even finish. At the end, I add in contouring powder or liquid (for those nights out) and highlighter, blending it in with everything else. For contouring, you can even use a concealer two skin tones darker than your own. Be sure to use it sparingly and play around with it first before trying it for the first time the morning before work.


Order of makeup

Order of makeup

Setting powder

After the foundation it is best to use a setting powder. This will give your face a smooth look and adhere to any ‘wet’ areas. Not only does this prevent your face from looking and feeling oily, it will help your make up last longer throughout the day!

Be sure to wait a minute and lightly brush off any excess to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of your bronzer and bush!



Finally, it is time to move on to the cheeks! There are many bronze-blush duos out there and can be used together on the cheeks. If you are applying separately, it is best to add on the bronzer followed by blush. Bronzer can definitely accentuate your cheekbones if used correctly. Adding it prior to the blush will give you a much more natural look rather than the other way around.



Last but not least, it is time to move on to the lips! The reason why I do my lips at the end is so that all the powder makeup has been done and will not get in the way of lipstick, giving them a clean finish.

Of course, it is best to begin with a liner to define the lips. That can be followed by lipstick and finally a lip gloss to give it a shine. You can even use a darker lipstick at the periphery and use a lighter in the center and blend. This will give your lips the famous ombre finish!


Again, there are many lists out there that will shift the order of putting on makeup. At the end of the day, it really depends on what works for you. For me, this is what worked best and gave me a flawless finish!


Let us know if this works for you! Good luck!

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