5 Great and Fun Jobs for Women

Women can find jobs just as exciting as anyone else. We tend to have skills that work better with certain jobs compared to men. Plus we usually have a creative side that sometimes outshine those of our counterpart. Great and fun jobs for women aren’t always going to be the most exciting and also doesn’t mean you get to do trivial tasks. No, these jobs are going to be a challenge, but if you find the career path that compliments your passion. Well then, you have found the golden job to have. One that does not require the willpower to work since you already love it so much. Here are some of the gigs that I believe is the most exciting for women.

Fun Jobs for Women

The best thing about most these jobs is that you can turn it into a career. Whether that means becoming a entrepreneur and selling your own books or crafts, or becoming a manager at a crisis center. There is something that you can relate to and be passionate about.


Chemistry Women Fun Job

Chemistry Women Fun Job

Biofuel Chemist

One of the important energy resources that is used by billions of people all over the world. Fuel is needed to power our cars, light our houses and generate the energy we need to run the world. A biofuel chemist is always on the edge of innovation as they constantly find ways of getting energy out of carbon fixations. This sort of carbon fixation occurs in both plants and algae.

With recent concerns on pollution from ethanol fuel, biofuel is an alternative. Many large organizations including the government are putting money into this industry, and with the need for renewable energy. This is an excellent career choice that will only see an expanding market.

Average Salary: $40,000 – $85,000


Crisis Manager

We deal with crisis everyday but at a much smaller scale. Forgetting to pick up our children, unlocked doors and keeping the oven on is frightening. However it only affects our family or our significant other. A crisis management within an organization is a completely different story. You will need to deal with major events that harm the company and the stakeholders. Whether that be a major hardware failure on a product, defect on a supplement or even a catastrophe at one of your plants. These will all be handled by a crisis manager.

It is a hard job that can get emotional at times. The best people for these jobs are women who love a challenge and are willing to go the extra step. You have to be strategic and political in an unstable environment. Of course, an accomplished manager can make it an excellent and lucrative career.

Average Salary: $50,000 – $120,000


Lifestyle Blogger

What better way to spend your job ( or passion ) than to blog about it. Lifestyle means our choice of interest or behaviors and some people choose to show that to the world. You can blog about working out, fitness programs, diets, recipes, cleaning, makeup and more. Whatever you feel you know more than the general public. This jobs feels more of a hobby than a job.

Bloggers can also take the form of article writers, slideshow creators, video creation or vlogging. Either way, you can decide to blog on anything you feel that people would like and are interested in.

Average Salary: Dependent on popularity of blog.


Women Fun Photographer Job

Women Fun Photographer Job


Looking to travel all over the world and take breathtaking photos? A photographer can do all of this and more. Many photographers are travelers and go to distant parts of the earth to find the craziest photos. Others like to stay in one area and open up their photography services to the community. You can a photographer for hire, going to weddings, birthdays, celebrations to capture the most joyous moments of someone’s life. Here are some of the best images of the Geographic Nature Photographer of the year contest.

Being a photographer is an incredible experience and you will most likely experience something new each week. However this career also means that you have to become an entrepreneur. Offer your services and compete with other photographers in the area.

Average Salary: Dependent on popularity.


Private Investigator

Love solving problems and taking on new and unique situations? A private investigator does all of this and more! Most of them work with defense attorneys to help with criminal defense cases. Others can take the corporate route and work with insurance companies or investigate suspicious internal audit cases. All of this involve a lot of problem solving, reasoning and finding out crucial information. Plus, you get great bonuses and salary.

Average Salary: $30,000 – $85,000


These are 5 fun jobs for women and provide wonderful value as a career and passion. Got other career paths that you wish to share? Let me know below!

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5 Great and Fun Jobs for Women
Women can find jobs just as exciting as anyone else. We tend to have skills that work better with certain jobs compared to men. Plus we usually have a creative side that sometimes outshine those of our counterpart.
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