4 Healthy Low-Fat Snacks for Any Occasion

Snacking is going to a part of our diet unless you can control all the food coming into your body and how much you spend, which most people cannot. Most people feel quite guilty afterwards since they tend to snack on items that are high in fat, high in sugar and calories that are empty. Instead, here are some healthy alternatives that can really help you lose weight, without losing the ability the have a yummy snack every once in a while.

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Tortilla chips

TTortilla Chips Bakedhese snacks are made from corn, vegetable, salt and water. That’s the general recipe 99% of the time, but the thing you don’t know about these chips is that you can get them baked. This meals the oil is reduced to almost 0%. No oil also means the 10g of fat that you usually see per serving of this low-fat snack is reduced considerably to 1g. Not only is this a great option but they are easy to purchase as well. Most supermarkets will have some variety of tortilla chips. Of course their are also recipes to make them yourself, which is just as healthy but way better tasting.

Baked Tortilla Chip Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/20482/baked-tortilla-chips/

How to make Homemade Tortilla Chips : http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/how_to_make_homemade_tortilla_chips/

We simply cannot talk about tortilla chips and not talk about the salsa, guac, or whatever you may have as a dip to these chips. Honestly most of them are unhealthy and contain a decent amount of  fat. One of the best ways to make salsa is create it yourself. Take some tomatoes, onions, green peppers, cilantro, lime and salt. That’s all you need to make a healthy, non-fat salsa dip to pair with your baked chips.





This can have some people confused as many don’t think that popcorn can be a healthy snack in any means. I am here to tell you that it sure can be just as healthy as any other snacks. What we don’t realize is that popcorn usually comes with literally fat on top of it. Butter is heavily infused with popcorn and most movie theaters would drizzle ounces of it on each bag. Once you take away the butter the actual fat content of popcorn is around 1g per serving. Not too bad, especially when it also has 14% of your daily fiber, 5% of iron and 4% of Vitamin B per serving.

Now I haven’t forgot that popcorn can taste pretty bad without any sort of dressing, so here are some good alternative healthy popcorn recipes that you can make yourself. Check it out here.


Herb Crackers

These crackers are everywhere in the snack isle and most of them are also baked, reducing the amount of fat that is passed on to you. One of the best things about herb crackers is the sheer variety that you can choose from. Rustic, cheesy, tomato, sour cream, onions, and more are combined to make excelling flavor options that will fit anyone’s taste bud. Crackers are also great to mesh with cheese, meat, vegetables and more. They can be served as a healthy low-fat snack at work, or something you can have at a gathering. The flexibility along with variety of herb crackers makes it part of the best low-fat snacks for any occasion.

Fruits and Nuts

Nuts & Fruits

Nuts and fruits are always going to be one the list no matter what. It is mother natures’s way of telling us that we have excellent snacking choices that are all natural. Nuts including pecans, peanuts, almonds, and walnuts are packed with protein, vitamins and more. Fruits on the other hand provide the vitamins, fiber and even a burst of sweetness for sugar addicts. You can review some more awesome healthy fruits to have!


Low-fat snacks are abundant, they can be found pre-made or can be something that you can make. Snacking is often looked down upon, and that’s true since the general way of snacking is on food that are high in fat, sugar, salt and cholesterol. Outlined here are different options that taste just as good, but without all the unhealthy baggage.

Got a recipe to add or have something that you think can help? Let us know below!




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