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To be ‘single parent’ means to be a mother or father who unmarried or without a partner and is the primary, or only, care giver to a child or children. The single status of the parent may be resulted due to an untimely death of their partner, divorce, separation, unplanned pregnancy or people looking for raising a family without any help of others. However it happens, the result is the same for a single parent; a mom or dad left to take care of their child on their own. There are also instances where women seek for anonymous sperm donors in order to give birth to a child and they are often referred to as choice moms.

single parent assistance

single parent assistance

Though the definition of being a single parent does not indicate any specific gender, women are normally considered to be the single parent and in most of the cases where disputes arise, courts and authorities normally give custody to the mother. This is normally due to the fact that fathers normally work away from home and the baby may still be in need of nursing. However, it’s a good sign that the reverse scenario where a father stays at home and looks after the baby is on the rise and authorities do allow custody in many cases if they deem the father to be more fitting as the parental role in a child’s life.

However, no matter whether the single parent is a father or a mother, it is not an easy task to raise a child single handedly. There are numerous challenges faced by a single parent, especially women who are single parents, due to the fact that they have to work to earn money and at the same time provide nursing to the child. But it’s a matter of great hope that there are many schemes these days by both the government and other organizations that are coming up with ideas and ways to provide assistance to those single parents in need. These not only help the parents, but also help the baby or child a great deal since they get better care due to these programs and organizations. So without further ado, let’s take a look which kind of assistance is on offer for a single parent. 

One very important assistance that you might get as a single parent is housing assistance. While you are busy taking care of your child at home most of the time, there are many organizations that offer domestic help or housing assistance to do the other things that come with maintaining a home. The amount they claim is absolutely justified. This facility is not offered to everyone, rather exclusively for single parents, so if you think you are struggling to manage your other household tasks and chores, you can always seek help from those offering their home services. They are very nice and helpful people.

If you are a single mom and you plan to continue your studies further, there are many institutions where you can get scholarships to afford your classes. These scholarships are provided only to single moms for the time being. So don’t think that your dream has come to an end because you have a child to raise. Rather, this might be a new opportunity for you!

You can buy a home if you are a single parent and there are many financial institutions that can help single parents with this process. Buying a home is practically essential for a growing child. In order to qualify you just have to go through a small documentation process and you can be a proud owner of a house while still being a single parent.

You can also get a discounted rate for renting a house or flat if you are a single parent. Many housing companies have come up with new plans and offers in order to help single parents and especially moms so that they can rent a house cheaper than the normal rate and which would help them a great deal financially.

There are discounted day care facilities available if you are a single working mom so that you can do your job while having a safe place for your child to stay at. Many of the day care facilities offer the facility for free if you qualify.

You can also be a part of the program called TCA if you are not financially stable. This program helps the financially weak single moms with temporary cash assistance. Also, there are government aided programs like SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) where they provide affordable, healthy and nutritious meals to the financially weak single parent. WIC (Women, Infants and Children) is another facility offered to parents that you can avail easily, subject to fulfillment of the eligibility criteria set by the state authority.

Being a single parent is truly a tough task at hand, but luckily there are ways to help alleviate your situation and help you get back on your feet if you happen to find yourself struggling.

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Single Parent Assistance - Finding help
Single parents have the hardest time and are never alone. Many resources are available to them and they simply need to reach out to the right community!
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