What are some Healthy Snacks for Work?

It can be a challenge focusing at work for hours without a little break. Our brain needs energy too! What better way to do this than to grab a quick snack from your bag while typing away at the computer or making a delivery. Here are some tips and tricks to have healthy snacks for work.

Greek Yogurt for the Workplace

Greek Yogurt for the Workplace


Make Your Own:

I am a big proponent of making your own snacks. My personal favorite has always been greek yogurt with a topping to add some texture. Toppings can range from strawberries or blueberries all the way to granola. Caramelized almonds or crushed chocolate almonds can add a healthy dose of sugar. It is easier to buy a tub of yogurt and tupperware the yogurt and toppings separately so once you mix them, they taste fresh rather than soggy.  


Fruits! One of the most convenient ways to snack at work. Grapes, pineapples or strawberries on a stick, and even peanut butter & oats stuffed apples are some of my favorites. It’s a good source of water and natural sugars energizing your brain to get through the day. The peanut butter adds some protein and oats some fiber! You can review the top 10 healthy fruits to eat, check it out here. These are quite easy to prepare and taste better chilled, just pack and store them in your companies floor fridge. Whenever you are looking for a sweet and healthy snack, this is a great and healthy choice for your workplace. 


What’s your favorite trail mix? If you’re like me and pick out a certain item from the mix (raisins are a hit or miss for me), experimenting with different mixes might be just what you need! Trail mixes can be as healthy as you want them to be. Whether that means throwing in peanuts or M and Ms or both, definitely try making your own mix. And change it up! That way, you won’t get bored from eating the same snack over and over again.


Healthy snacks for work

Healthy snacks for work

Another snack that has several variations is hummus. Not only are there various kinds (Sweet potato hummus, spiced up hummus, Lemon, Sesame and garlic hummus, are some for example), but you can eat them with many things! Sides such as carrots, pita bread, bagel chips, and cucumbers are just a few!


Store bought:

Of course, many times it’s difficult to find the time to make snacks and other times, we just want something quick at a moment’s notice. At times like these something quick can be very helpful. belVita breakfast snacks are great. I always get the cinnamon and almonds flavor. Others include: roasted almonds, wheat thins with various dips (i.e. hummus, cheese, tabbouleh, etc.).


Personally, I enjoy making my own snacks because I can add variations to the recipe to fit my taste and it tends to be cheaper and healthier than store bought too! Cooking them is also a stress reliever for me. However, during those busy weeks, I can’t help but explore snacks at the local grocery store. It’s fun too because I try and pick out something new every other time, and the variety of choices are always growing. Be aware of the calories, fat, sugar and sodium content in these snacks. Sometimes they can be a lot more than the daily requirement and know that a snack can be great tasting and healthy as well. 

What is your favorite work snack? Do you have any other recommendations for your own healthy snacks for work? Feel free to comment below! Let us know how the hummus recipes taste if you decide to go that route. Happy snacking!

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