Getting Financial Assistance for Single Parents

Although government aid is available for single parents, they are not easy to get. Some of them earn enough that they become ineligible for the food stamps but cannot meet the monthly expenses. If you belong to this group, then check out some of the programs below that can help you out. It isn’t always easy getting through life and sometimes people just need the extra push. Here at HerOnlineNetwork we have all of the necessary information, and it is up to you to apply for them. 

Medican Assistance

Insurance is required as long as you have a job, but if you don’t then it is a good idea to get one immediately. Medical bills can really add up and they are large. A single trip to the emergency room can cost families at least $1000. Therefore, get insurance as fast as possible in order to protect yourself from these large debts. Below are a few tips and programs to look into. 

Medicaid program:

It is run in collaboration with federal and state governments providing insurance for low-income group. State offers complete coverage to the single parents provided they are eligible. Depending on your state the medicaid program is ran different, so to review the criteria’s check out the Government portal.

Of course that might not be enough. So in order to provide additional help you can get someone from the local area to help see if you qualify and how to apply. Check that out here.


Section 8 Housing

Section 8 Housing

Housing assistance:

As single parent, you do not have to worry about paying rents as there are many programs available from the state and federal governments. Many apartment complexes would also give a lower rate to homeowners who are applying with the backing of a housing assistance program. 

Get Housing Assistance:


Don’t be negative:

Firstly, you have to shed the stigma of taking government assistance. In fact, Low-cost clean housing options are available for single parents until the time they are able to improve the financial conditions and move on to better locality.

If you are thinking that no choices will be offered under the government assistance housing program, think twice. With the new scheme, you can choose to live in a decent neighborhood with good people around. You can even shift to single-family homes into the suburbs where the expenditure is quite a bit lower.


Look for subsidized housing:

Federal and state governments also offer subsidized housing with lower rentals in public and private apartment complexes. You may have to pay only 30% of the monthly income as rent. Whatever be the condition, make sure that it is a just a temporary arrangement and soon the situation would change so that you may move to a better house.


Section 8 housing:

Similar to low-income housing, it requires you to pay only a nominal sum as rent. In addition, you may also receive a voucher that allows you to make a choice where to live. The only drawback in section 8 housing is that the form is quite long and tedious to fill and takes some time for eventual approval so much so that you may have to wait for a maximum of 5 years! So, have a backup plan ready in case of any problem.


Hope program:

The name itself is a hope for single parents and their dream of buying a home. If you are a single mom, opt for the program and get an affordable mortgage. The scheme came into existence in 1992 with the help of private companies and nonprofit organizations.

After signing up, you can also attend the workshop organized by Hope to manage issues such as credit, bad debts, and low savings. After joining the program you can receive lower interest rates on homes and reduction in the down payment.



Shelter care housing:

If you are a single mom with disability issue, shelter plus care program is the right choice. It not only allows you to get an affordable house but also offers rental assistance. Single parents living in the city can choose USDA rural development housing assistance to live in suburbs.

For eligibility, your income needs to be below a certain thresh hold. Once the application is approved, you can proceed with the rehabilitation and renovation of the home. Apart from the above programs, there are many more assistance schemes for single parents. What you can do is to Google around and check relevant information.


These are all ways of getting financial assistance for single parents. Being a single parent is quite hard and one parent can’t play the caretaker and put food on the table at the same time. Using these resources can assist single parent homes in getting that boost they need.

If we missed a resource that you use let us know about it below!

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