8 Best and Top Paying Jobs for Women

If you are a girl just out of college and looking for career option, do not get confused because there are too many alternatives but only some are worth looking. So, in order to instill some clarity, we are providing you current information about the 8 Top paying jobs for women in the corporate world:

top paying jobs for women

top paying jobs for women

Marketing manager

Think how competitive is the business world that each company is trying to sell its products and services. Join the organization as a reputation manager and promote its brand value on social media. Use innovation to create a positive image of the company and get paid a 6 figure salary. This is a job that anyone can do but people with a business major or marketing major usually end up in this role. 

Digital strategist

Do you spend a lot of time online? Well, in that case, enroll in the digital marketing course and apply for a job as a strategist who advises the company to optimize their websites. No extensive degree is required but what will work in your favor is experience and you have to also be familiar with social media marketing techniques. In order to be a digital strategist, you will need to understand Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and other strategies to help increase exposure for your company. This position can earn between 40,000 to 80,000.

Landscape designer

Another job that you can opt for is that of landscape designer but you should have the required talent and passion. It is a well-paying profession with a lot of scope for creativity. Contact the homeowners to enhance the appearance of their garden and surroundings. So, in order to have initial headway over others, get the relevant degree and implement your skills. This career choice averages around 60,000$ per year.

Assistant to the doctor

In one stroke you can earn more than 80,000$ annually by becoming a physical assistant. Being a doctor’s assistant does not require the extensive schooling and debt that comes along with that. Instead all you need is a masters in the field of the assistantship and after that, you are able to transition into the role. 

Personal Gym trainer

The job is specifically for fitness freaks and if you are one of them with sufficient experience get ready to adorn the role of the personal gym trainer. Although the money is not great with $31,000, the fitness market is growing rapidly and is set to only rise in the future. On your part, you can become a trainer of Zumba and core fitness programs of the small groups and enjoy the work.

Game Designer

If you are creative and have a knack of writing codes become a video game designer to create games like a man eating Zombies. It is a common knowledge that the gaming industry is growing rapidly, so do not waste time thinking what do but start working as a designer and make cool money at the end of the day. In addition, to being successful, focus on networking to increase the client base.

Health care technology specialist

Healthcare and IT go hand in hand in today’s world as the governments around the world are trying to optimize the bloated health system. As a manager, you will be expected to handle the patient history, create databases and optimize the application and for that, you will be making in excess of 80,000$. The only catch of the job is a bachelor in computer science and after that, you will be ready to start coding, managing and presenting anything technology related. 

English language instructor

Do you have a flair for teaching but afraid of dealing with a class of young high school students? In that case, you can become a language trainer for adult classes as it is a relatively less stressful job and you do not have to face the chaos of the kids. The majority of people who do not have English as the first language need to learn to read and write, therefore you can enter a field where their is a lot of demand. It feels great to be wanted!

As you can tell we have a lot of top paying jobs available to women. They range in all different career paths from STEM to education. Stop worrying about finding a job and find your passion, you can definitely find a job that fits that above!

Did we miss a career that you think should be on the list? Let HON know and comment below!

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8 Best and Top Paying Jobs for Women
Looking to get into a career? Here are the top paying jobs for women in today's industry!
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