What are some free parenting classes I can take advantage of?

Being a parent is a big step in life and it isn’t as easy as some of the parenting games that we have all been exposed to. No, parenting involves a lot of planning, researching and a bit of bull****. One of the best ways to become a great parent is to go back and get into classes again. Free parenting classes are basically everywhere, yet no one really knows about them, or chooses to attend. Here we’ll bring together why it is crucial to take these parenting classes and where you can find them!


Do you need classes to be a good parent?

Well that’s for everyone to decide, however one of the biggest factors of child negligence is bad parenting. More than that, parenting can tremendously affect them in academics, self-confidence, relationships, and more. So the better question is, do you believe you are a good parent? And if you are not 100% sure, then it would be the best option to take one of these classes, and confirm whatever thoughts you had. To reiterate, these classes are of no monetary cost to you…so it is a no-cost way that can guarantee great results with your child.

Why Free Parenting Classes?

People take the “free” in free parenting classes as if it’s ran by people who have no idea what they are talking about. In other words, they don’t believe that a parenting class that is good would be free. That is the complete opposite of the actual facts. It cost more for the government to deal with the effects from bad parenting. These proactive measures help them, and for them to be effective, they need to have the highest quality trainers to make an impact.

teaching her child, a mothers perspective

teaching her child, a mothers perspective

Where can I find them?

They are in most major cities, so if you live remotely close to any of them, then you should be able to easily find them. However, it can take a while, so to make it easier, here are some resources that we have found for you.

Below are a list of large program groups for parents in individual cities. They might have the exact one you’re looking for, but it is a good place to start.

  • New Jersey – http://www.programsforparents.net/index.php
  • Philly – http://cap4kids.org/philadelphia/parent-handouts/parenting-foster-care-adoption/
  • Seattle – http://www.familyworksseattle.org/family-center/parenting-classes
  • Oregon – http://frconline.org/
  • Arizona – http://www.raisingarizonakids.com/parenting-education-and-support-arizona/

In order to find a specific place for your location, I would search using the following keywords on Bing, Google, or whatever search engine you want to use. Search something like “Parenting Resources in…” or “Free Parenting Classes at…”. At the end of the search phrase I would first put your city, then county, then state. Most people wouldn’t go out too far even if it is a free class, so we start with the closest search phrase.

The Online Versions

With technology being such a large disruption in today’s world, people can communicate in groups through websites, apps, and more. The Center for Parenting Education organizes parenting classes every few months. This is an easy way to take advantage of a free online parenting class, without all the traveling and anxiety of going into an unknown environment. As of this post, they have a class on October 25th! Sign up here.


Another great resource is The Parenting Network (TPN), which has all different resources from schooling, housing, environment, classes, hotlines and more. This shows that even the best parents might need some additional help to get them go from good to great.

Having kids is a great accomplishment, but it doesn’t end there, instead it is a new responsibility as the parent to nurture the child and bring them up properly. If you need any additional help, feel free to send us, Her Online Network, a reply and we will try our best to help.

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What are some free parenting classes I can take advantage of?
Parenting is another skill that life rarely prepares us for, take advantage of free parenting classes in your area and online.
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