The Top 4 Women in Tech Events

The STEM career path tends to favor males over females, and it has become a hot topic over the past decade as technology has continued to grow. Women in technology is on the rise, and events that celebrate, embrace, and promote this ideology has also grown. These events are available for just about anyone who wants to continue their development in the stem field and break the “glass ceiling” that is so prevalent  in corporations today.

The Top 5 Women in Tech Events

Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper Conference


This is a must attend event for any women in this field. The event has been around for 13 years and brings together women and men technologist. They also promote awareness of the contributions women have accomplished in the computing world. One of the main focus of this event is to offer professional career development through mentoring and collaboration between the attendees. Many college ladies in the technology field are able to find internships or potential internships, a few corporate sponsors include Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google.

Many Colleges and Universities can also provide sponsorships or help pay for students to attend. Signup here:





Women 2.0

women2_logoThe Women 2.0 conference is held in California, specifically in San Francisco. They offer panels where world leaders in the industry will come out and give their time to mentor and help others. Women 2.0 also has a pitching competition, all for a panel of investors. They have helped many startups get on their feet and receive the initial round of funding they needed to continue working on it. See some of the finalist on this pitch, here.



Global Tech Women

Global Tech Women conference

Global Tech Women conference

We know that their is a gap, but few conferences really target that specifically and at such a large scale. This is exactly what the Global Tech Women conference does. Similar to the Grace Hopper conference, this event puts a emphasis on the education of women and support in their career. An excellent opportunity for any ladies looking to get into the technology field or young adults who are developing their career path.

Since this is a global event, it is an excellent way to network with people from all different cultures and backgrounds. As an aside, networking is an excellent way to find new career paths! Check it out here:

They also have a collection of books that help guide your way through a STEM career.


WITI – Women in Technology Summit

A professional networking event whose goal is to provide up-coming women in the business and technology sector. This conference last three days and has over 60 speakers. Speakers who hold executive positions, created successful startups and more. This summit also features a career expo where companies such as Amazon, Dropbox, Ford and more Fortune 100 companies are looking to offer potential internships.


The Women in tech events above are all a great way to start and continue career growth. The first conference is really where everything matters, so check out all of the links above and see whether they are a fit for you. Simply going can give you a whole new perspective on the STEM field and where it is going, plus endless opportunities to learn from industry leaders and potential lifelong mentors.

Although the industry has recognized the need for the closing of this gender gap inequality, it is up to each and every one of us to help!



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The Top 4 Women in Tech Events
Conferences specific to Women and the STEM field are hard to find, this is a way to enhance your career and skyrocket the networking you already have.

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