A Healthy Eating Habit to Maximize Your Diet Result

A healthy diet means it should not have a negative impact on us. It does not mean reducing the portion of food arbitrarily. While it seems that most of the healthy diet main goal is to lose weight, in fact, diet is not only limited to that. Diet also means an attempt to regulate the entire nutritional intake for our body in order to be healthy and ideal.
A healthy diet takes careful planning and should emphasis on the food choice. A food plan is developed to provide enough energy for our body’s daily need. This article will discuss how a healthy eating habit should be implemented on a diet. For those who are born underweight or who have small body type is certainly difficult to gain weight even after eating a lot or do a little to no cardiovascular exercise. On the contrary, people who are born overweight, even with minimal food intake a day could gain weight. This is why a healthy eating habit should be implemented so people can have their ideal body without any lack of nutrients.
Almost all diet tips out there only focus on losing weight by starving themselves. You will not get maximum result out of your diet if you don’t pay attention to nutrition. Below is some eating habit you can implement to maximize your diet result.

  • Enjoy your meals
    Eating in a hurry will cause you to eat more. So slow down a little, chew the foods slowly. Please be aware when you are in stress or depression because the chance of overeating is high. Enjoy your foods but remember not to overeat. Remember the quote ” full but not stuffed”.
  • Eat regularly
    The second thing is to eat regularly. Doing this can make our diet more organized and also regulate the eating time. By eating regularly you will not experience a hunger on near bedtime or any time that is considered ‘not right’.
  • Pay attention to sitting posture
    This is not too important, but a good sitting position also has a part of the excessive eating problem. If you eat while laying on the comfy bed or couch watching TV, you will not stop eating.

So a healthy diet does not only all about reducing the frequency and portion of meals in a day, you can eat as usual. However, you should carefully consider the type of food, how to serve them and eating frequency to maximize diet result.

A regular three sessions of eating is important when you want to regulate your eating habit during a diet. By following the three sessions, you are less likely to eat unnecessary snacks that will add to your daily calorie count.
Breakfast in the morning should not be skipped if you are on a diet because it helps to regulate your appetite throughout the day. A healthy breakfast should contain nutrients such as carbohydrates. Carbohydrates in the morning will become the source of energy during your activity. You can combine the carbohydrate with protein like eggs. Finally, drink low fat milk or an orange juice to complete your healthy breakfast.

The lunch menu should contain more fiber such as fruits and vegetable because we need to reduce the intake of carbohydrate. The protein can still be consumed, because protein is a great source of energy and doesn’t store as fat, unlike carbohydrate. Additionally, drink enough water to keep you hydrated during the day.

For the dinner menu, it is also best to avoid too many carbohydrates. You can eat more of fruit or vegetable for the fiber. The activity you do at nighttime doesn’t as heavy as daytime, so the fat will not go into energy, but stored as fat in our body. Eating just before bed is highly not recommended.


If you can follow those three sessions while still regulate the portion of each meal, the ideal body you dreamed of can be a reality. I will end this article by stating some things to avoid during diet so it will not ruin your hard work.

a) Avoid unhealthy snacks and junk food
Snacks and junk foods can be said to be the foods that cause you to obese. These foods contain preservatives which are not good for your overall health. Both of the junk food and snacks are very high in fat and salt, something you don’t want to consume when you want to have an ideal body.

b) Keep hydrated
Remember, water, not soda or coffee. Water is highly important for your overall health. It makes your body function properly and also improves the metabolism process, which is a good thing if you are on a diet. A research said that drinking water can enhance metabolism by 27%.

c) Eat more vegetables and fruits
Both veggies and fruits are so important but sometimes can be a pain because they are not liked by so many people. You need a strong will and commitment. Fruits and veggies contain fiber which good for your diet process.


A healthy eating habit combined with dieting will benefit you in many ways. And it starts with core principles that you can follow to get towards that awesome body or healthy weight you have always wanted. Start with steps and slowly accumulate your way to get all these features, and use all the motivation tools you have to get there!

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A Healthy Eating Habit to Maximize Your Diet Result
A healthy eating habit is required in order to get results from a diet. Eating arbitrarily won't amount in anything even if you are working out.
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