Top 7 Relationship Challenges for A Couple

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Even couples who have managed to stay together for 30, 40, or 50 years have had their taste of relationship challenges at certain points in their love history. Of course, everyone who enters into a relationship wants that love and partnership to last forever. And as many happy couples would advise, the key is simply the couple’s ability to deal with the problems and challenges while trying to maintain that spark. If you want your current or next relationship to become stronger, here are the top 7 challenges you and your loved one need to work on.

It’s all about trust and communication

In almost every love and relationship tip you can read, watch or listen to, effective communication between the couple never fails to emerge from the list. The challenge is for an individual to learn how to express him/herself verbally and non-verbally while and at the same time trying to listen and understand his/her partner.

There’s also that concern on trust. Distrust often springs from the individual’s fear that his/her current relationship might not last. Additionally, it may be caused by issues and experiences with his/her past relationships. Don’t let this affect anything, and be able to understand and trust each other while communicating any issues.

Commitment and future plans

Part of the top relationship challenges is commitment. And what else is the biggest commitment a couple could undertake other than marriage? Getting married is a major decision and oftentimes, having no plans of settling down with your partner in the future can be the cause of break-up. In relation to this, there are individual’s particularly women who want their partner to have a plan or vision on their relationship’s future. This allows the whole relationship to feel more secure, and that their is a goal in the future. 

Time and distance

Long distance relationship is really a big challenge for any couple. Although there are those who can survive with such set-up, being away from each other opens that possibility to fall out of love or even being attracted to others. Spending quality time with each other is also a relationship essential. Just remember that too less and too much time together can also lead to relationship problems.

Financial matters

Many couples won’t admit it but money matters are part of the relationship challenges and problems. It’s not a concern solely experienced by married couples but even by those on the “dating” stage. The partner’s job and salary, skills in handling money, financial obligations, etc shall all be part of the concern. This makes it essential for the couple to start planning and managing their finances early on.

Sharing responsibilities

It’s a big adjustment when the couple finally decides to live together in one roof. Many couples find it hard to accept and take on responsibilities especially when both are busy working or studying. The dilemma gets worse when the couple eventually become parents or when faced by a difficult situation.

Accepting or changing habits and behaviors

Getting to know your partner really well before committing to a relationship or marriage is very vital. This makes it part of the top relationship challenges. Getting to know each other really well lets an individual adjust or accept unique behaviors and habits of his/her partner. On the other hand, one must learn to sacrifice and change negative habits for the sake of the relationship.

Friends and extended family

Friends and family can contribute to the relationship in both positive and negative way. On the positive side, they can become the couple’s support group especially if the relationship or marriage is just starting out. But family and friends proves to be part of the relationship challenges when the couple’s family and sets of friend are not on the same page. There’s that problem of meddling in-laws or relatives. Additionally, it’s always a challenge to adjust to a new family or set of friends with a different perspective or mindset.

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